Phil’s Squash Odes

I found this lying around a squash club recently, I don’t know who the author is other than his first name is Phil. I thought it was worth sharing because (1) it’s pretty good prose and (2) I respect people who put themselves out there for other people’s fun and enjoyment. Thank you Phil!

Squash Men Players

We all come to hit the little black ball
some like to smash it against the wall
Others are so gentle
using angles and the feel.

We extend our bodies beyond their range
and in the mornings feel quite strange
for when the feet first hit the floor
us oldies stagger in pain to the dunny door.

The game is played indoors from the sun
but rain, hail or shine we do have fun
squashies are all very sincere
at the end sharing a beer.

Squash players come from far and wide
on a court there is nowhere to hide
the swing of the racquet heralds the start
throughout the rallies they try and stay apart.

At the front a drop shot squatting so low
as the opponent races in they’re struck by a blow
line an invisible wall
they crash in and try not to fall.

You miserable cad they let fly
tears running down their cheeks they cry
“Let please” the appeal to the referee
that is cheating as it all wafts free.

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