Can you tie your shoe laces?

Can you tie your shoe laces? Are you sure? Watch this TED TALK video and you might realise you are part of the 80-90% who don’t tie their shoe laces correctly!

It’s totally normal to wonder why a video on tying your shoelaces would be on a blog dedicated to the Mindset Of A Champion…

The reason is simple: A Champion makes sure he/she eliminates ALL sources of error or potential problems. The all-time greatest Basketball Coach John Wooden would teach ALL his new recruits how to tie their shoe laces as part of their initiation because in his words “the last thing I want is to lose a point because your shoe laces come untied at the worst possible moment.”

Without becoming superstitious, you can establish a disciplined regimen to remove as many imponderables as possible. For example, I cut about 4″ or 10 cm off my squash shoe laces IMMEDIATELY when I unpack them from the box. I have 3 to 4 shoes that I rotate at any given time so that I am never stuck competing or training intensively with new shoes that aren’t broken in.

These are some of the many details that make a difference.

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  • It is amazing how a small change in how we go about things can make a big difference. This principle seems to apply at every level of life.

    I see a similar thing in how we go about developing new electronics products for our clients. The industry success rate on R&D projects is 20% whereas our success rate is close to 100%. All all because we do things just s little differently.

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  • These are the small details in life that most people overlook. A small change can lead to a huge difference. I never knew I was tying my shoes the wrong way until late 20’s. Aside from the deep message of this, tying your shoes correctly especially in running shoes is very important to avoid accidents from happening. What a great video, thank you for sharing!

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