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Can you tie your shoe laces?

Can you tie your shoe laces? Are you sure? Watch this TED TALK video and you might realise you are part of the 80-90% who don’t tie their shoe laces correctly!

It’s totally normal to wonder why a video on tying your shoelaces would be on a blog dedicated to the Mindset Of A Champion…

The reason is simple: A Champion makes sure he/she eliminates ALL sources of error or potential problems. The all-time greatest Basketball Coach John Wooden would teach ALL his new recruits how to tie their shoe laces as part of their initiation because in his words “the last thing I want is to lose a point because your shoe laces come untied at the worst possible moment.”

Without becoming superstitious, you can establish a disciplined regimen to remove as many imponderables as possible. For example, I cut about 4″ or 10 cm off my squash shoe laces IMMEDIATELY when I unpack them from the box. I have 3 to 4 shoes that I rotate at any given time so that I am never stuck competing or training intensively with new shoes that aren’t broken in.

These are some of the many details that make a difference.