Want To Get More Done? Stop Delegating!

I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but it needs to be said. I know too many people trying to get too many things done by others and it makes no sense to me. It’s a common motto in the Information Technology (IT) Software programming community that if you want to get MORE done, throw LESS people at it.

How To Get More Done

Without getting distracted with the exponential power of MasterMind Groups, when you’re struggling to get everything you need done, done – you might want to ask yourself a really obvious question:

Can I do it myself faster and better?

If the answer is yes – STOP DELEGATING.

I know this sounds self-evident – it’s not.

I am constantly sub-contracting and bringing stuff back in-house BECAUSE the balance and optimal equilibrium changes.

I recently closed my physical office – so now EVERYONE who works with me works REMOTELY. That changes things. That means I have to change. That means SOME of the things I delegated I now have to do myself BECAUSE it’s easier than to delegate REMOTELY.

That also means things I used to do now need to be delegated – sub-contracted to someone.

The lesson for today is quite straight forward:

“Are you spending MORE time trying to manage your contractors/employees than doing something yourself?”

I know what you’re thinking – “… but once I train them, they’ll be able to do it on their own”.

Yes I know the lie you tell yourself over and over again – I have heard myself tell myself this lie.

You have to get a 5:1 or 10:1 payoff for that to be worthwhile as an investment. If you don’t you’re better off doing it yourself.

Trust me a 2:1 or 3:1 just doesn’t cut it – not if you have an Exponential Mindset.

So if you’re not getting a 5:1 or 10:1 stop delegating, get a better contractor or suffer the consequences.

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