Only One Time Ever…

We all hear the saying one-time-only, especially in marketing… but there is a moment that will never, ever happen ever again… Sure there was the 08/08/08 for the start of the Beijing Olympics, how about when the clock strikes 12:34:56 on the 07/08/09… That’ll never happen again – ever. Just thought you’d want to know – it’s coming up soon…

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  • There is no way that you can ignore time – it is one of the constants that drive our life: Getting up, eating, sleeping, having fun – you can only do it when you have the time, and when your time is above ground!

    Thanks for pointing it out – I had not considered the day / date tomorrow – but will make sure I am looking at the clock about mid day!


  • As someone who runs an engineering services company specialising in design for low cost electronics manufacture in Australia, numbers are quite important for us. So this is both quite amusing and profound.

    The amusing part is that the zero point is arbitrarily chosen. It is generally considered that Jesus was born somewhere between 4 and 6 BC (which stands for Before Christ) so he was ahead of his time. But only because the first official attempt to backtrack to the correct year didn’t have good enough data or methods and so the baseline was set in the wrong place. If they had got it right, the moment we are looking at in this blog post would have been before the Beijing Olympics.

    The profound part is that how we label things changes what they mean to us. And that changes how we respond to them.

    So 0 degrees Celsius is the freezing point of water. But we have determined that -273 degrees Celsius is the real baseline for how cold things can go. This is also known as 0 degrees Kelvin and is named after Lord Kelvin. So from our perspective, a rise of 10 degrees is a significant change in the temperature but the universe sees this as a pretty minor adjustment.

    Some electronics units of measurement:

    – capacitance and the Farad named after Michael Faraday. Mostly we work with microfarads and nanofarads and picofarads which are 10^-6, 10^-9 and 10^-12 smaller than a Farad. So the baseline was set huge and we have been dividing down ever since.

    – inductance and the Henry named after Joseph Henry. This isn’t as bad since we are generally working in millihenry and microhenry values when designing with electronic circuit elements. I’ll ignore parisitic effects.

    – watts, volts and amperes (also called amps) work out pretty well as do Ohms (for resistance). These rarely get below the 10^-6 region and are often in whole units. Though we do a lot of low power electronics and these generally try to run in the microampere territory for operating current.

    Now I thought about trying to post this at exactly 12:34:56 7/8/9 but then I realised that moment would come at a different time in each time zone. And the time zones even out what is really sliding time. So I’ll just do it now.

    I also don’t know the relationship between the blog host’s time zone and mine though there are ways to work that out if I cared enough about it.

    Better stick to designing electronics products for manufacture in Australia by Australian electronics manufactures.

    Ray Keefe

  • Time waits for no man (person) nor will you ever get it back. Do today don’t delay until tomorrow, space out your time as you can only stretch so far and do the thing you are doing – well – do it once! 1% improvement!!!

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