Inspirational mother creates a legacy for daughter

The “feel good” story below has a sad element – the mother is dying of breast cancer and creates a collection of cards for her daughter…

It got me thinking about people who regret not spending more (quality) time with their families while they could… That, in my view is just as sad. Sometimes, you think you would “like to” spend more time with friends and family, but truthfully, you don’t. That is different than wanting to spend time that you don’t have, in this case because of a terminal illness.

I advise all my clients and friends that they must say what needs to be said because you just never know if another opportunity will come to actually say it. Once relieved of the burden, you will feel the freedom to be – authentic and genuine – without restraint.

Try it and see what happens. At least you have the option. Some people aren’t so lucky/fortunate.

A great movie that had a similar theme is “P.S. I love You“, released in 2007.



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