Antimimeticisomorphism – Falling Dominoes

This is only 15,000 dominoes, but it still is MESMERISING!

What is antimimeticisomorphic about this is that INSTEAD of trying to break a WORLD RECORD, she decided to make it INTERESTING. It only took her 25 hours to get a BETTER outcome that a world record (7+ million YouTube views). If that’s not a classic case of antimimeticisomorphism, I don’t know what is!


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  • Now that is an amazingly intricate amount of work to set up. I did feel a bit sad that it was a self demolition project though at least it is captured here for us to be able to watch.

    As an engineer I can understand just how much thought went into this, even before the first block was laid. And that is often the key to technically challenging projects. Thinking about the problem first then doing the design work once you understand what is required.

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