An Exponential Mindshift in 1 minute 44 seconds

Today’s post is one of those YouTube Videos that shifts your mindset, in this case in 1 minute 44 seconds. It was sent to me by Farhad Khurshed, one of our VIP Momentum Members. Have a quick look and LISTEN very carefully – the paradigm shift that happens is BRILLIANT!

Farhad’s website is go there and take a look!

His USP is:
Copywriting-Results applies unique response driven copywriting techniques that reaches out to the emotional chords of prospects, using tested psychological triggers guaranteed to triple your leads whatever the state of the economy, and is delivered on time and within budget.

2 Responses to “An Exponential Mindshift in 1 minute 44 seconds”

  • That is a great message and a wonderful example of harnessing the power that we all share to make a difference in the world, and also the power of your Exponential Mindset Marc!

  • Hi Marc

    The video demonstrates how focus can change the meaning any event. In this case, it hit me that the meaning is completely different when the statements are read backwards! It means that there is hope for all of us to make a difference if we choose to take control of our focus.

    In order to make a difference, it is important that we know our priorities and not be sidetracked with other things that are not contributing to our outcomes. Meaning, we all need to simplify and declutter our thinking process in order to increase our efficiency and effectiveness in how we lead our lives!

    Keep up with the great posting!

    Kind Regards

    Ruben Putrananda

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