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If you haven’t been to Anthony RobbinsDate With Destiny – you’ve missed out on a magical opportunity to well, create your ultimate destiny. The program format and content cannot be summarised in a blog post, but what I do what to share with you is one of the PIVOTAL exercises where you come up with your ‘Mission Statement’ that defines your Purpose in life.

My Date With Destiny Mission Statement:

Original Version (1997-2009)

“I, Marc Dussault, see, hear, feel and know that my purpose in life is to continue to live my dream and empower others to do the same.”

That was pretty powerful EXCEPT that because I was LIVING MY DREAM, I did not change, modify, enhance or improve it… Also the second half… AND empowering others seems like an additional task, burden or responsibility…

So I changed it to:

My Date With Destiny Mission Statement:

New Version (2009- )

“I, Marc Dussault, see, hear, feel and know that my purpose in life is to live and expand my dream empowering others to live theirs.”

This is a MUCH more EXCITING destiny to have. It embraces GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT as well as INTEGRATES leading by example rather than making it a separate undertaking…

I am energised, excited and committed to this new destiny even MORE than the previous one!

Watch this space to see what happens!

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  • Wow, I’ve just spent the past 6 days at DWD and my mind is racing! I went with an open mind and have been blown away, what an amazing experience. And….I had the BEST BUDDY ever 🙂
    Does anyone one know the sound track that was used as I can’t find it on itunes ‘Life will never be the same again…’ It’s my new ‘motivational’ track.. if I can find it! Looking forward to sending my wife to Singapore

  • Marc,

    I am sure you would have had an OUTSTANDING time at the event, and I am really happy to be able to comment on the new ‘mission statement’:

    I can easily say that this revised version of your ‘mission statement’ is not only more encompassing and energising for the greater good but removes that correctly described seemingly additional task of including others in it.

    I can also more than easily and should definitely add to that from my experience you have in no way fallen short of achieving your first mission statement for I have been a beneficiary of an improved life.

    I use life as a general description as it is in more than one way I can see where I have changed over the last 12 months from your direct involvements which have been for the better.

    Through all the eye-opening, question asking and goal setting I have been introduced into a system that seeks to set and achieve goals while aiming to have fun along the way.

    One aspect of my formal education has always been that of a critique – reflection; and this has always been on the outcome of a project with little time spent of the reflection of self.

    This is where that changes and I start to reflect on self(achievement / outcome) as I have come to realise the learning experience is just as important as the result

    For that I choose this opportunity to thank you for the direction you have shown me in the ‘endeavours we have faced’ and would like to say that although there have been a few ups and downs along the way, more so lately as well, with some wishy washy decisions to start to make a difference I feel, and believe, that this is where the line is drawn in the cement to make a real difference and where I ask you to carry on continuing along your ‘mission statement’ path providing where you can the necessary push, or kick if need be to ‘play better’; for I am sure you will keep on moving Onward and Upward in your life and wish you all the best.

    (I choose to sign off with no reference to a website or name as this is not for any gain, I just wanted to say thanks; Thank You;

  • Harlan,
    If you contact Empowernet, they might have CDs of the music Tony Robbins uses at his events the CD is called Peak Performance – Including “Life Will Never Be The Same Again” by Haddaway. I am sure it’s available on iTunes.

    If you ever find anyone who has compiled a list, please let me know – there are a LOT of people who would love to get that list!

    Onward and upward!

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