What orientation do you have?

This blog is called the Mindset Of A Champion Blog, dedicated to anyone who wants to think, act and perform like a champion. Of course sports metaphors, analogies and anecdotes are used, but as we all well know, there are a lot of similarities and parallels between ‘life’, business and sport. I’ve been researching top trainers, psychologists and coaches and will share with you some of their key findings in this blog – such as your orientation.

GyroscopeSports participants are said to have one of two orientations: (1) task-mastery when they take pride in the progressive improvement of their knowledge and ability relative to their own past performance or (2) an ego orientation, intent on demonstrating superiority over others, motivated by social comparison and desire statistics in the win column.

One isn’t better than other – as we’ll see in future blog posts, they affect everything you think about and do (don’t do).

Psychologists and coaches generally agree that even though DURING competition, one’s orientation can shift, we each have a predominant orientation. By knowing what that is, you can become much more self-aware of your behaviours – the ones that help as well as hinder your progress.

Give it some though – which orientation are you?

What does it mean in respect of what you do/don’t do, how you train and how you compete?

It’s worthy of reflection.

Of course you can then extend this orientation to your life, career, business and other activities and hobbies.

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