Redefining Sports

Every once in a while an athlete does something out of the ordinary that begs the question… Will this change the sport?

I always wondered why this tactic wasn’t used before to SCORE touchdowns when the celebration AFTERWARDS showed the ability to jump this high…

Time will tell if this will become “business as usual” on the gridiron and maybe even rugby field…

2 Responses to “Redefining Sports”

  • Wow, that is quite a leap.
    I can see that adding a new level of uncertainty into defensive tactics. Now we have to:
    – cover them diving low
    – cover pass offs
    – cover them being reinforced and driven forward
    – cover them leaping over the top for the pack
    – cover them leaping over the top of a standing person!

    What next?

    But that is the nature of these things. A new idea sets off possibilities that cannot be ignored.

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