Attention ambitious, aggressive and profit-hungry Internet Entrepreneurs:

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist’s has JUST RELEASED his closely-guarded list of the most powerful, tried & tested INTERNET secrets to get you thinking like an Internet Millionaire Entrepreneur so you can quickly, easily and exponentially grow your ONLINE business, explode your profits with auto-pilot strategies that deposit money into your
bank account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Wizard's Website Wisdom
Wizard's Website Wisdom

After masterminding, collaborating and strategizing with the top echelon of the most ambitious, money-hungry and profit seeking Internet MEGA-Entrepreneurs, I have identified and isolated the most powerful, devastatingly effective online strategies that I use privately to make money 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.

I have never before released these keys to the Vault of Internet profits.

For the select few driven, ambitious and decisive people, who want to instantly explode their profits by leveraging the power of the Internet, you can subscribe to the Internet Coaching System™ that includes Web 2.0 audio, video and other interactive features for a special one time only introductory price.

This is a roll-up-your-sleeves-don’t-waste-any-time-on-theory-get-to-the-bottom-line-quickly approach UNIQUELLY AND TOTALLY FOCUSED on the Internet.

You can unwrap and deploy, these keys to the Internet Profit Vault in less than 2  minutes.

Complex multi-layered online strategies SIMPLIFIED and turned into totally plug ‘n play, ‘fill-in-the-blanks…’ easy steps - Even a fifth grader could follow!

Just one of the lessons could be worth THOUSANDS, if not tens of thousands of dollars or more to your bottom-line in the next 12 months as you deploy the devastatingly powerful online strategies… and start reaping profits 24/7/365 virtually on auto-pilot.

Example #1

Google Analytics is a fantastic system, especially if you’re a “numbers person”.  But if you are more of a visual person, you need to check out this awesome tool __________:

________ is unique because it produces a high-definition “heatmap” image of user behaviour.  By seeing the different colours associated with the different buttons on your website you can INSTANTLY identify where people are clicking WITHOUT doing any maths!

That means you can harness user behaviour much more effectively by:

  1. Making sure that visitors are properly qualified and directed toward the most suitable product for their needs.
  2. Ensuring the appropriate SELLING content is included on popular page, instead of just information or educational content.

This “no-cost” entry level tool takes a couple of minutes to set it up…

Example #2

Usability testing consultants will charge you big bucks to observe users interacting with your website, seeing where they get stuck, and advising you on how to fix the problem.

You can spend thousands of dollars or…

You can use this no cost tool called _______, that can do more or less the same thing!

This easy to install tool creates VIDEOS of users’ exact mouse movements on your website – including forms – that allows you to identify and troubleshoot conversion chokepoints.

One of the most useful places to use this tool is on the order page or shopping cart checkout page of your website.   By observing exactly WHEN and HOW visitors get stuck, it’s easy to test, track and trace new approaches and alternatives.

Imagine what that can do for your opt-ins and sales conversions?!?!?

Example #3

Top Bloggers Reveal 67 Expert Tips for Marketing Your Blog

This distinction is packed with ideas, tactics, tips, techniques and strategies that can catapult your blog to the top of the rankings. By so doing, you will improve your search engine visibility as well as several other indirect benefits we’ll get to.

But first things first.

Let’s have a quick look at a few blog postings I’ve collected for you.

With so many blogs being created every day, it’s a mystery to many bloggers how to make their blog stand out. There are many types of blogs or purposes for blogs and a certain number of tactics are applicable to just about all of them.

Some companies choose to hire a blog consultant, but others like to try things internally. For those “DIY” companies and individuals interested in practical tips for marketing and optimizing a business blog, try out the following list of blog marketing and optimization tips:

Let’s look at the first 25 Expert Tips for Marketing Your Blog

  1. Decide on a standalone domain name or directory of existing site Sub domain is also an option Avoid hosted services that do not allow you to use your own domain name!
  2. Obtain and install customisable blog software - WordPress and Moveable Type are favourites.
  3. Customize your blog look and feel templates – aka ‘nice designs’.
  4. Research keywords and develop a glossary - Keyword Discovery, WordTracker, SitePoint, SEOBook Keyword Research.
  5. Optimize your blog:
    • Template optimization - RSS subscription options, social bookmark links, HTML code, Unique title tags, URLs, Sitemap
    • Add helper plugins specific to WordPress or MT
    • Create keyword rich categories (reference your keyword glossary)
  6. Enable automatic trackback and ping functionality.
  7. Create Feedburner Pro account and enable feed tracking.

… + 60 more!

Success is not just doing the right things, it’s also avoiding pitfalls and mistakes that are avoidable and preventable.

For example:

Autorespond your way to bankruptcy

Auto Replies are one of those technological marvels that if misused can destroy the goodwill you are trying to create. This distinction shows you one autoresponder that destroys goodwill in CONTRAST with another that builds and reinforces commitment to customer service.

Even if you don’t use an autoresponder* this distinction is priceless as an illustration of two businesses who have the SAME intent, but produce OPPOSITE outcomes.

*In this distinction I also explain the #1 reason why I NEVER use and autoresponder… That alone could be worth the price of the subscription!

B careful when U CR8 UR new online ‘Persona’

Today’s distinction is the first about establishing your online persona. Some people try to be a little too clever for their own good. Several examples are shown that spotlight the pitfalls so many fall into that erode their ability to generate online momentum. One simple example is the use of a FREE gmail or hotmail account in their professional communications. That broadcasts to the recipient that you’re not serious and committed to the business if you don’t even have a formal e-mail address.

Often, it’s the SMALL simple things that make a BIG difference.

“When you’re stuck trying to climb (or step up) to the next level, Marc explains, all you need is just one key distinction to unlock your true Exponential Potential™, remove the constraint and start making progress gain”.

As soon as you alleviate the bottleneck or constraint in your online business you can start making quantum leaps that unleash the Multiple Rivers of Revenue™ that can start to flow into your bank account via your online payment gateways.

WITHOUT the right information at your fingertips, developing and improving your online results is like flying blind or trying to steer a rudderless ship.

Most website owners and Internet entrepreneurs build their online revenue gradually through trial and error, without a compass guiding their journey. It’s a painful process which takes years of frustration yields poor results and often ends in failure.

Someone is ‘mugging’ you every hour of every day – stealing your suspects and prospects right from under your nose.

It’s not enough to have a good website ‘up’ on the Internet. You need to ‘bullet-proof’ your online business by learning the MINDSET of Exponential Internet Entrepreneurs.

You need to THINK like an Exponential Internet entrepreneur, simply because you‘re competing against every other Internet Entrepreneur one-on-one, head-to-head and toe-to-toe. They are aggressive individuals who will leave you choking in their dust with YOUR money in hand – If you let them.

Having 4 GigaBytes of tips, tricks and techniques on your hard-drive is not enough to become a winner in your market.

Many people ‘want to make money’ on the Internet, but just don’t know where to start, what to do or are doing ‘stuff’ on the Internet with dismal and disappointing sales, simply because they don’t have a tried & tested LIST that converges into a sensible ‘overall strategy’. 

Imagine the possibilities once you unleash the most powerful
money-making Internet short-cuts to explode your online profits
and catapult yourself from 0-100km/hr in no time flat!

The Internet Coaching Systems™ are a concise collection of the most powerful Internet levers you can count on to systematically grow your ONLINE business, explode your profits and trigger your mind to “Kome up with Kountless Kaleidoscopic Kombinations’ using auto-pilot strategies that deposit money into your bank account regardless of where you are.

With every lesson sent to you (Daily or Weekly, depending on your subscription and desire to build momentum), you will be injected with a condensed, power-packed lesson guaranteed to help you create profit explosions in your business. It will provide you with ONGOING focus you need to keep making quantum leaps in the right direction.

Losing focus is like not having a compass in the middle of the desert or a map in a strange city – you are lost, totally lost.

Having these keys to the vault is the difference between generating massive ONLINE profits versus squeezing a meagre living out of your website or online channel.

It’s been said that the Internet is the easiest thing that’s hard to do.

Just one lesson can make all the difference.

The difference between breaking even and making a profit.

The difference between 10% growth and 30%, 40% or even 100% exponential growth.

The difference between good and excellent.

The difference between excellent and outstanding.

The difference between being a leader and being a follower.

The difference between DOUBLING profits online within the next 12 months or staying right where you are.

The difference between being one of the ‘masses’ and standing out above the crowd.

The difference between who you are now and who you know you can become.

It’s time to bridge that gap.

Step up now and purchase The Internet Coaching System™ to receive your first profit-making distinction in two minutes.

There are TWO Coaching Systems:

The Internet Coaching System - a weekly lesson for $97 or

The Advanced Internet Coaching System - a DAILY lesson for $997.

Before you dismiss the Advanced Option, watch these short videos that explain the power of the 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine

Wizard's Website Wisdom
Wizard's Website Wisdom

Why not give it a try?

There's a 30-day 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee that if you aren't absolutely positively sure you'll get at least $1,000 of value from your subscription – you'll get a prompt and courteous refund with only 1 question asked, but NO strings attached...

The only thing I want to know is why it didn’t work for you. I am 1,000% committed to creating more Australian multi-millionaire Internet entrepreneurs than anyone else.

There's Just One Catch

You have to be prepared to participate. ALL successful entrepreneurs know that you don't get rich watching other people "do stuff", they are the ones who make things happen.

This Internet Coaching System™ subscriptions are interactive and FUN.

It will require participation – Every once in a while, you'll need to do something – fill in a survey, submit a response to a question, supply a sample of what you've DONE… maybe even get on, or listen to a private VIP or Platinum conference call…

One thing is for sure – when you buy one of the Internet Coaching Systems™ within days and weeks you won’t be where you are now. You’ll be getting closer and closer to where you really want to be.

That much close to making money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with your website on auto-pilot.

Just to whet your appetite, these are the subject lines of the first 10 Internet Coaching System lessons …

  • I couldn’t wait to QuickStart your Website!
  • Turn up the heat to Create Crazy Conversions!
  • Let’s watch that again on INSTANT REPLAY!
  • On the Internet, you’re always one click away from obscurity
  • The 7-day killer headline challenge
  • Is Web 2.0 better than Web 1.0?
  • Social Networking, the good the BLOG and the ugly
  • Top Bloggers Reveal 67 Expert Tips for Marketing Your Blog
  • Why You Need Regular Blog Posts – The Spiders Need to be Fed
  • Autorespond your way to bankruptcy
  • B careful when U CR8 UR new online ‘Persona’
  • Spend LESS to make MORE money
Subscribe to the Internet Coaching System™
for a full 12 months for only $97.

Internet Coaching System
Subscribe to the Advanced Coaching System™ for a full 12 months for $997.

Internet Coaching System