Tony Robbins’ Classic Interview with Jay Abraham Now you can have full 24/7 access to Jay Abraham’s classic, most-enduring and lucrative principles, techniques and tips with the simple click of your mouse.

Imagine, finally understanding what makes the world’s #1 marketing growth strategist work, how he orchestrates his famous money-making connections and how you can do the same in your own business.

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Anthony Robbins

Some call this the “Spanish Inquisition” others an exasperating interrogation, here’s why: The world’s renowned peak performance expert, Anthony Robbins, mercilessly drilled marketing growth expert Jay Abraham with his probing, laser-focused questions for almost six hours straight!

The entire interview ran until it was pitch-black outside, past midnight!

Tony masterfully captured Jay’s “key” organizing principles, pushed Jay tightly against the wall and demanded real time examples so Jay could prove his claims in lay terms that everyone can understand.

Jay Abraham

Not only that, but with expert questions, Jay was forced to get down and dirty and highlight, illustrate and demonstrate what a given concept is, how it works as well as why AND how it can be universally applied… by anyone, including you.

Jay has created over NINE BILLION dollars of wealth for his clients. He has more than TWELVE THOUSAND case studies to prove without question that his ideas and principles work. They have consistently worked in over 460 diverse industries and economic climates and continents.

This one man obviously thinks unlike any other man on earth. Jay’s kaleidoscopic mind can see what others miss time after time. And now you can steal his ideas cold and… adopt his exponential mindset…

Imagine the possibilities!

Using his no-mercy, hard-hitting questions, Tony ‘splits’ Jay’s brain open and exposes the software and the wiring of his lucrative money-making mind and mindset. By doing this, Tony exposes a plan you can harness and profit from today. A blueprint that took Jay thirty years to conceive, draw, revise, test, prove, master and document... and now you can just snatch it for your own private use.

30 years. 460 Industries. 12,000 businesses. $9 Billion in wealth created.

The one hour fast-paced, tightly-edited interview is so rich and condensed that back in the days of cassette tapes, it wasn’t unheard of to ‘wear out the tape’ from repeat listening!

Imagine that… Listening to one single recording so often that the tape wears out!

What this means to you:

There is an overload of information claiming to help you grow your business, frankly there’s so much you’ll be ‘brain-full’ within the first 10 minutes.

You can master the ‘Jay-mindset’ to make your own money-making connections starting right now.

Go ahead, indulge your money-craving senses with what you’d already know if you had the recording:

  • A simple 3-step formula Jay follows that make him millions each time he uses it. (02:00)
  • Jay shows how you can find and profit from the hidden assets in your business (02:45)
  • Follow this simple step if you would you like to have your ads pull twice, three times or even ten times more than they are now. (04:53)
  • Jay shares how a fast 3-minute, 12-word headline change made him 30 thousand dollars month after month for over a year (05:45)
  • The key question you must answer before you write your next cash-spitting ad (06:17)
  • Jay shows how you can elevate yourself above the competition by just answering two simple questions (07:24)
  • The one simple distinction that TRIPLED SALES for this company (08:39)
  • How to have an infinite marketing budget (10:48)
  • Jay explains how he built this company from 20 thousand dollars to 13 million dollars in just 18 months with ZERO advertising money… and got 18 million dollars of free advertising (11:36) Guess what, you can do the same!
  • A crushing mistake that shaved 1.6 million dollars from Jay’s fortune and how you can prevent your money from going down the drain (15:24)
  • A scientific and predictable way to get a whopping 3,000-5,000% increase in sales (15:35)
  • The #1 reason businesses fail (16:23)
  • How Jay turned a company from $300,000 in sales to a staggering $500,000,000 (yes half a billion dollars!) in only eighteen months (21:23)
  • The biggest source of new capital you’ve got in your business right now (23:52)
  • How you can build multiple sources of income for your business, financial life or career (30:13)
  • How to use a Risk-Reversal strategy to skyrocket your sales (43:20)
  • How to breed customer loyalty so you can stop chasing new business like a wild dog chasing a car (55:40)
  • WARNING: The one critical element you can’t overlook when buying a franchise (58:19)
  • How to be a smart investor (59:33)