Australia's #1 Exponential Growth Strategist Millionaire and A-Grade competitive squash player finally reveals:

"58 minutes of giggling fun learning 29 easy-to-understand
squash metaphor lessons that will SIMPLIFY
complex, intricate and sophisticated strategies
that you can deploy to make money in your business TODAY!"

Dr Marc Dussault's Squash Lessons for Marketing - A FUN way to learn Marketing! Tips to turn you into a Business Champion.

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Complex exponential strategies transformed and simplified
so that even a fifth grader could understand and deploy them!

Having completed an MBA and subsequently teaching business and entrepreneurship courses at the post graduate MBA level, Dr Marc Dussault realised first-hand that one of the hardest things to do is to teach complex and intricate academic theories, hypotheses and concepts to practical-minded business entrepreneurs who are focused on the bottom line and growing their sales.

An avid A-Grade competitive squash player, Dr Dussault combines his love of squash and his passion for business in this uniquely entertaining program.

Squash Lessons for Marketing is a unique approach to exploring the exponential championship mindset for your business. With 29 specific examples, Dr Dussault uses humour and his in-depth appreciation for the game of squash to extract key distinctions of success that can transform how you see your role in the business playing field so that you can perform at your peak and win the game of business much more decisively and with much less effort.

You'll capture 29 game-winning
business-building distinctions including:

  • Why most business people read the best books but get few tangible results (focus on hitting the ball versus getting to the ball).
  • Why so many entrepreneurs lose the 'easy sale' over and over again (by tinning the ball instead of developing the rally).
  • Why most entrepreneurs will never win the game of business (not aware of the training regimen required or not willing to do the necessary 'court sprints').
  • Why working harder and exerting a lot of effort can tire you out quicker (and how you can reverse that to strategically wear out your opponent and send them out of business without getting your hands dirty!).
  • Why waiting for the kill shot, kills more business owners than the Spanish Flu (and how developing a rally can get you the winning shot more often)
  • Plus 24 more, each just as hilarious and yet disarmingly powerful!

This funny, comical squash metaphor will help you see your actions from a refreshingly different and less intimidating perspective. In fact, you'll chuckle and even giggle from time to time as you begin seeing money-making opportunities in your business.

It will gently force you to look at EVERYTHING you do from a different angle. You'll have no choice but to see things you have never seen before.

…Things that will help you to win points with clients, prospects, employees and even suppliers at little or almost ZERO cost to you.

…Points that add up to profits at the end of the month.

The reason many smart business
entrepreneurs get stuck in a rut…

The reason many smart business entrepreneurs get stuck in a rut is actually quite simple. After spending years in just one industry they begin to get fixated on and play by only one set of rules. The more invested they get in those rules the harder it becomes to see an alternative.  

It's called mimeticisomorphism.

A big word that simply means "Monkey see, monkey do."

In squash, the rules are VERY simple. You have to hit the ball before it bounces twice.

It's easier to win any game when you have clear rules, scores and metrics. In business it becomes more daunting since it's a little bit harder to watch yourself WHILE playing the actual game of business…

You'll be Stripped-Naked!

Squash Lessons for Marketing provides you with a visual point of reference to help you gain clarity, focus and competitive advantage. Like never before. You'll feel like you've been stripped naked – the good news is you're the ONLY one who's watching!

You don't need to be a squash player or enthusiast to get the idea, concept, strategy or tactic. That's the beauty of the use of this simple metaphor.

For example, you don't just want to 'bash the ball' but hit it with a purpose, win the game like an A-Grade Champion and whip the pants off your competition. Don't you?

This unique point of view has been heralded as a source of breakthroughs for countless entrepreneurs who just needed that jolt – that 'Ah ha!' epiphany that triggers a shift in thinking to get them back on the fast-track to profits.

Albert Einstein said it best when he said "The thinking that got us to where we are now, is NOT the thinking that will get us to where we want to be."

These 29 Squash Lessons for Marketing are the jolt, trigger, spark you need to see what you're doing with fresh, new eyes.

They are 100% guaranteed to include at least one mind-blowing epiphany that will get you to start playing your 'A' game again.

You know how good you can be when you play your 'A' game…

You're unstoppable.

Your competition doesn't even have a chance.

You win easily and effortlessly.

You become confident, bold and even dominant – even dictating the rules.

This product includes:

  • A 58-minute, unedited raw MP3 audio recording of the 2RDJ Radio Interview "Lachlan's Business Breakfast" with Dr Marc Dussault on December 14th 2006.
  • A 75-page PDF transcript of the interview so you can read it at your leisure and capture your very own ideas, insights and distinctions that you can apply in your business THIS week.
  • A colourful MindMap PDF, created with NovaMind MindMapping Software that encapsulates all the squash lessons and business distinctions on one single page.

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