Willpower is like a battery…

Every once in a while I learn something new that I know will change my life from this day forward…

Until recently, I did not know that willpower was affected by what we eat and what we do. For example, you decide you want to do exercise or are watching what you eat. You have the willpower to make the decision and stick to it… But then something happens to reduce your willpower – not a threat or obstacle to your goal, but sometime to reduce your WILL to stick to your plan!

For example, if you are working really hard intellectually, using your mind on a highly focused task – your willpower for your exercise or diet will decrease!

The more we use our minds, the less minding (will) power we have.

Are you as shocked as I was?!?!?


So whatWillpower and batteries do we need to do when we create a (willpower) deficit? Recharge it! Simple as that. Have something healthy to eat, do some exercise, do something you enjoy and like doing, rest and recuperate. Recharge your willpower and you’ll quickly notice it’s easy to stick to the (your) plan.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not obstacles or your desire to achieve your goals that wanes – it’s the willpower that ebbs and flows throughout your day. As you would expect, left unchecked, your willpower will diminish as your day progresses. If you are committed to your goal(s), you need to plan to recharge your willpower as much as you do getting your running shoes out and/or cooking that healthy meal.



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