Try Punching Above Your Weight

There’s an expression in boxing that says when you reach beyond your comfort zone, you’re “punching above your weight” which means you pack a punch like someone who’s a lot heavier than you are. Today, I went toe-to-toe with some of my squash partners and the last man standing (with me) stood his ground.

We played for 2 hours, there were 3 of us, then 4.

When we were 4, we played doubles on a singles court which is a great way to improve your reflexes, reaction time and quick movement as well as court sense – PLUS deal with all the visual and physical distractions of the 4 players on the court AT THE SAME TIME. (More on that in a future post…)

The last man standing with me only played the last hour, but still.

I was running him around and he hit the wall at about the same time I did, but did NOT blink.

We were playing the unforced error variation of the game where your opponent can only win on YOUR unforced error, which means the rallies never end UNLESS you take a chance!

Can you imagine what it takes to WIN a point?

You literally have to get the other guy’s game to breakdown. What a mental challenge!

Today was the first time we called the game a draw. We were BOTH at 14 and would NOT give up the last point. What a victory for both of us!

A was knackered and buggered after 2 hours of playing, but the feeling of satisfaction made up for it. THIS is what sport is all about. Finding your limits and pushing beyond the envelope.

After a 2 hour marathon like this, a 45-minute match is a walk in the park – literally.

Welcome to my world.

The world of the Mindset Of A Champion where good is not good enough.

Only great and outstanding is acceptable.

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