To My ‘Fan Club’ – Thank You!

You might not know this, but I have a lot of ‘fans’ who follow my squash exploits – not because they are squash fanatics or addicts, but because they are either champions themselves or are seeking greater awareness of their own Exponential Potential. Many of them send me stuff like the video below which keeps me pumped, passionate and pushing myself…

Before you go ahead and watch the video below, I just wanted to thank you for all the support, love and encouragement you’ve shown me in the past week while I was competing at the 2009 World Masters Games. I will be blogging about several other distinctions and insights on this and my other blogs over the next few weeks – it really has been a surreal experience. One that even surpassed my own expectations by a long shot.

Every time I stepped on the court, I felt you there with me – that meant I played harder and better. I highly recommend that you compete in sports and when you do, that you involve others to be there with you -physically or in spirit. It makes a difference.

Anthony Robbins calls it leverage and I totally agree – however not in the sense of getting you to do something you otherwise wouldn’t do, but for successful people who are already at a good, great or excellent level – to stretch their sphere of influence to become the best they can become. The person they knew they always could become.

Once again thank you and here’s a video that was sent to me by Bruce Hildebrand of Balance and Control Pilates in Melbourne… Enjoy!

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