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HOW are you playing?

Today’s topic is brief, but don’t let that fool you. Elite athletes all understand that they need to be at the top of the pyramid to make it to the top and stay there.

The question you have to ask yourself if you’re in any way competitive in sport (or other endeavour) is…

“How are you playing?”

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How You Play Determines How Good You'll Get


In a previous post, I discussed the concept of Competitive Performance Mentality. I got a lot of positive feedback from people saying that it was a simple and easy way to ‘extract’ themselves from the self-analysis process. Today’s topic is perspective. Champions have a different perspective than their non-champion colleagues.


Perspective is in the eye of the creator of that perspective!

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Competitive Performance Mentality

In previous posts, I introduced the concepts or orientation, attributions and other psychological variables to help you think, perform like a champion. The next step is to assess your mentality. Your Competitive Performance Mentality to be precise. It’s a concept I picked up in a great book called The Sport Psych Handbook.

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