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Why I love squash – high speed, slow motion video

Now that high-speed, super-slow motion technology has finally caught up to capture the lightning quick speed, super-human athleticism, thrilling drama and excitement of this beautiful sport, how could the world not fall in love with it? How can it NOT be in the Olympics?!?!


Squash Olympic Bid

Squash Olympic Bid for 2020

Help squash make it into the Olympics –
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Squash in the 2020 Olympics

Roger Federer Back The Bid To Get Squash In The Olympics

Roger Federer Back The Bid To Get Squash In The Olympics

You may or may not know that squash is vying for a coveted place in the Olympics with its Back The Bid campaign to get into the 2020 Olympics. The Professional Squash Association sent out the following message to all players and it would be great if you could help out with the campaign today.

Just take 5 minutes to help make history and get squash into the Olympics!

Even Roger Federer backs the bid because he knows that squash should have been in the Olympics a long, long time ago.

Dear Players,

Re: Squash 2020 Olympic Campaign

I’m writing to you in my capacity as CEO of the PSA. As you may know, there have been some recent developments regarding Squash’s bid for Olympic inclusion in 2020.

Wrestling is no longer a core Olympic sport, and it joins Squash along with 6 others sports competing for election to the 2020 Olympic Games Sports Programme.  Squash has a crucial presentation to the International Olympic Committee Executive Board at the end of May and a decision will be made in September on the sport to be added to the 2020 Games.

So the next six months or so are critical to our Olympic ambitions and your support is paramount.

Vero Communications, the company advising our Bid, has given us some ideas on how we can help build support for the bid and from our end I hope you will join me in my enthusiasm to get Squash included in the Olympic Games.

We want to create a push on Twitter via @vote4squash and the hash tag #Vote4Squash and through FaceBook status updates by all the key players on tour.  This will help give a quick and potentially significant boost to the bid via your social media following.

With this in mind I have a proposal for all of you:

Send out a Tweet asking people to follow @vote4squash and to include the hash tag #Vote4Squash on Tuesday 19th February at roughly noon UK time – this will help the trending of the hashtag as it is morning in USA, early afternoon in Europe and evening in Asia/Australia.

Essentially, we want followers of @vote4squash to dramatically increase and for #vote4squash to trend on Twitter.

So ensure your followers have #Vote4Squash in their Tweets, that they follow @vote4squash  and add comments about Squash’s bid e.g. – ‘I’m backing the Bid, are you? Show your support via #Vote4Squash. If not, why not? #Vote4Squash.’

If you are not on Twitter, you can help on Facebook by posting #Vote4Squash in your status – hopefully your Facebook fans and followers will then promote it on Twitter.

WSA fully support this idea also, so if we co-ordinate our efforts and send out a united message to the wider public, International Olympic Committee and media, it will certainly help our campaign and demonstrate the global support for Squash to join the Olympic Games.

Thanks for your support.

Alex Gough