Squash Olympic Bid

Squash Olympic Bid for 2020

Help squash make it into the Olympics –
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4 Responses to “Squash Olympic Bid”

  • Will love to see this super charged sport to be part of Olympics.

  • Stay in shape Marc, we don’t just want to see squash at the Olympics. We want to see you at the Masters Olympics playing squash for Australia. Now that would be awesome mate.

    With 8 sports competing for one spot to be decided by ‘Majority vote’ in May the following thoughts come to mind: What is the exponential and antimemeticisomorhisms that will get squash across the line? Who are the voters, what are the key aspects driving each of their votes. Ask them. Can squash do something else now between now and the vote to make a difference. What are the main challenges the Olympics have. What can squash do for the Olympics now and in the future that no other sporting body has done that will make a difference for the Olympics? How can we get Squash to raise the standard for the Olympic mission e.g. the olympic cause is for ethics in sport, unity, equity (especially against discrimination), no doping, environment, education, participation and Olympic independence?

    Squash fans of the world: Make it happen.

  • Impressive video. I hope that the bid is successful.

  • Though not a squash player, I found this video inspirational. Good luck with the bid!

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