In a previous post, I discussed the concept of Competitive Performance Mentality. I got a lot of positive feedback from people saying that it was a simple and easy way to ‘extract’ themselves from the self-analysis process. Today’s topic is perspective. Champions have a different perspective than their non-champion colleagues.


Perspective is in the eye of the creator of that perspective!

3 Components Of A Champion Perspective

  1. The best performers know who they are, they have a diverse, all-encompassing identity and strong self-acceptance with the accompanying self-awareness.
  2. Importantly, they know where their support is. They have strong, meaningful personal relationships with people who are with them unconditionally – not because of their accomplishments, but because of who they are as a person.
  3. The know how they want to live and compete. They are humble, grateful with strong personal values, principles and attitudes. They are champions because they enjoy the process and responsibility of being a role model.

What role does perspective play? Let me give you an anecdotal reference: NBA Hall Of Famer Magic Johnson was asked how he handled the pressure… His response: “What pressure? I’m just so glad so many people are interested!”

Of course you can sit there and say to yourself “Sure that’s easy for you to say…” You’re already successful…

But think about it – HOW did he become successful?


Something to think about…

That’s why the Mindset Of A Champion is part of my Personal Mastery Program curriculum. You can’t be a chump and a champion.

The better person you are, the better champion you will be.

I don’t care what you think of Mike Tyson, but he was a brutal boxing champion – if you have a chance to watch his autobiographical movie, you’ll understand that to get to and remain the champion, he had to have the Mindset Of A Champion. What’s happened since is well what happens when you stop doing WHAT WORKS.

In sport, it’s ‘easy’ to train and perform at the most elite level – why?

That’s the topic of my next blog post – It’ll explain what happened to Mike Tyson and countless others – stay tuned!

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  • Oh, I totally agree that those who have found their own unique perspective are generally more humble than others. They have found peace within themselves that allows them to not feel the urge to push others into believing the ways that they believe, and this is very refreshing to me to find in others.

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