New Mental Toughness Books

I have added several more books to my mental toughness book reading list. You can click on the hyperlink to access the list which is being added to on an on-going basis. Because I do speed reading, I can get through a book like this in about an hour… I tell you this because mental toughness can improve your game more than you probably think. As I coach my business clients, there is an optimal way to learn and master any skill. Sure, practice is important (as long as it is deliberate) as is match and competition play. But – I am now of the belief that the mental part of the game is much bigger contributor to success than I used to think it was.

The reason is quite simple. Your mental state, level of awareness as well as ambition and determination will determine HOW you practice and HOW you play. If you are confident, you will play differently than if you are intimidated. If you master your emotions and mental sphere, the physical will follow suit in lock step with your thinking. The bottom line is the game is played in your mind and actualised in your body. When you finally make that ultimate mind-body connection, you’ll make a quantum leap in your results.

The same is true in your personal and professional life. That is the beauty of sport – it is a metaphor for life. The true champions who understand this go on to achieve well beyond their playing careers, whereas the ones who think it only applies to the tennis court, the cricket pitch or football field come crashing down very, very quickly when they retire from playing their sport.

In fact, the true champions know that retirement is just a PHASE in their evolution as an athlete – not the end, but a transformation to bigger and better things…

So, if you want to raise your game in business or in your career, you’d be well served to read a few of the mental toughness books on the list.

Just keep this in mind – most people don’t even read 1 non-fiction book/year. What that means is that if you read just 2 or 3 of these books – you’ll know way more than most people you play or compete with. You might even know more than your coach!

Think of what that could mean for your confidence and self-esteem.

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  • My dance coach used to make us read two books a month to keep our mental faculties sharp. I have never forgotten that. I will be book marking your reading list. Also- I am a speed reader as well, and I love how it can streamline a process that can help you gain so much.

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