Need a kick in the butt to get inspired?

Today’s post is an inspirational half-time speech by Al Pacino in the movie Any Given Sunday. It needs no introduction. The YouTube video says it all – life and sport (football in this case) is a game of inches – whoever is willing to fight for those inches will win the game of life.

Enjoy this courtesy of Andrew Powell of Montreal, Canada who forwarded this to me.

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  • Wow! that was amazing the first time I seen it was years ago and seeing it for a second time going through what I am at the moment has lifted me this morning to a place a could not have done myself.

    It was just what I needed

    Thank you

  • I have seen the movie “Any Given Sunday” several times and always enjoy his inspirational speach. Great motivation. Having lost a 24 yr old son (still have 3 daughters) in a car accident 2 yrs ago it has taken inch by inch increments to support my family & climb back up in my small but important health clinic. I live on a farm in rural WA (hence greater impact of losing our successor to the farm) as much as I would love to attend one of the FREE Dr Marc Dussault SEMINARS on the East Coast …….. Perth YES???

  • This is one of my husband’s favorite movies. His birthday is coming up, and I think as a gift I am going to type out this speech in a good font and frame it for him. He will love it, and it will be a nice bit of inspiration every day for him. Great reminder!

  • Wow. I feel moved to share all the thoughts this conjures up and to put them down here and now:

    Did you quit before you gave it your all? If it really matters, you must try again or you may regret this for all your remaining days.
    Did you go all the way? Great, what next?
    Did you go till you dropped? Great you found a barrier to either go round or measure yourself against
    Did you pick yourself back up again and keep going? Great, your measure was character and purpose
    Did you share in the experience and identify, work and connect with those who held the same passion and who gave their all too? Great, the best things in life are worth sharing
    Did you give it your all and were still losing, already crashed out even, and facing tough odds or uncharted territory, yet you got up anyway and ignoring the barriers just gave it what it would take to win, and suddenly discovering that you were at the pace of winning, you could taste it, you stopped noticing the pain, you stopped belonging to failure, and gave yourself to winning. In the elation of this transformation, was life so large that time slowed down for you? Did you get your second wind? Did you find not another inch but a whole lot more that you never knew you had before and in seeing yourself win, did you go on to win?

    Those most treasured wins, what mattered most: what you took, the recognition, the prize you were given, beating others, bringing others with you, what you gave, smashing your own barriers, what you shared along the way, or as many of the above at the same time?

    If you find what it is you would die or kill for, is it really what you should die or kill for or is it what you should live and give for? If it is worth more to you than yourself, shouldn’t you be around to make it happen, help build and appreciate it? Maybe your supposed enemies want the same thing and you can build it together?

    What are the things that matter most to you? Are your days spent headlong bringing these to life, or immersed in experiencing these things? IF not, why not?

    Barriers are made to be broken? Your barriers are excuses for failure, there is a way, but to find a way, you must first start, maybe you find another way, but if you must go through the barriers, contemplating them won’t help, get on with it and bring yourself up against the barriers and in attempting to push through you will find a way.

    People say don’t settle for less. Less of what though?

    Watch yourself, don’t set yourself up to reach a pinnacle to only find life is all down hill from there. IS taking more where the richness lies? Will taking more fill your void, or do you only need enough? Are you living a life with meaning and purpose beyond the next finish line?

    Lets get exponential about this. Have you tried to define and align all of the following: an enduring purpose with your passions, your strengths, you r skills, and your values? Don’t spend too long, pausing or trying to figure it all out or waiting for absolute certainty before starting, or you will never start and you will loose sight of what it is you wanted. You can always adjust, and refocus, as you go. You have nothing to lose by starting.

    If there were no barriers, what would be your ideal day? How much of that could you do right now? Well come on Cape Diem. Get started on being the winning you. Don’t settle for some sort of mediocre half life, don’t sell yourself short. Don’t give up on your dreams, write them down, write the vision, your grand cannon, then plan little steps and do them, keep moving. If it is going to be it is up to you.

    Destruction can be easy, and quick. Instead of giving up on your dreams, uncover and give up on the baggage and barriers that hold you back. Don’t waste your time focusing the pain and justifying limits that are short of winning. Give up on belonging to loosing and give yourself to winning. The creation of the harvest of worthy living happens in inches of challenge. To extend yourself, you must go beyond what you know, slip a little, and get back on track. Be grateful for the opportunity and appreciate that challenge builds character. Work hard, play hard, celebrate slow. Arrivals are short, reminiscing for too long is living in the past. Don’t spend too long there. Life happens in the now. There is richness in the journey of extending and discovering.

    The measure of you is when you are working up against and past your self imposed barriers and limiting habits. Find the pace and momentum of winning and ride it. At the pace of winning you create the time to rest, time for peace, to share and celebrate.

    Success is not only the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal, it is your ability to absorb failure, and instead of giving up to keep going.

    Best wishes

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