Musings From The 2009 World Masters Games

You might not know her if you’re not a squash addict, but Sarah Fitzgerald is a phenomenon in women’s squash… I got to referee her match following mine. How cool is that? Who would have guessed? She is the epitome of a legend as you would expect – she has the pace and power of a man and the elegance, touch and precision of a woman which is why she is the ultimate female squash player we’ve seen in ‘our generation’. Plus she plays for fun and makes every game entertaining as she dominates her opponents with respect.

This is one of the many benefits of the lifestyle I have – if you want to be in and around legends, you just need to play YOUR GAME at the highest level – organise your life accordingly. Get better professional and business results so you can afford the time ‘off’ to do something like this.

There are 28,292 competitors 8,563 from overseas and 19,729 compete in 25 sports, in 5,574 separate events. Making this the largest multi-sport event in the world, dwarfing the Olympics.

If you want to start living a lifestyle like this, you need financial and physical independence to be able to afford travelling AND taking the time off ‘work’…

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