Match #5: 2009 World Masters Games

It all comes down to the last game… All the hard fought matches and games, all the training, lessons, routines and drills. When it’s all said and done – you have to enjoy it because losing the Bronze in 3 very close matches would otherwise be a heartbreaker. All 3 games were won by the slimmest point spread of 2 – These World Masters Games were the first to have PAR-11 scoring.

Don’t worry, I’m not heartbroken – the first match was 10-12, the second 15-13 and the last one 11-9. On the day, I couldn’t overcome bad referees (not biased, just terrible calls that totally upset the match momentum – for BOTH players, not just me). It simply amazes me that people who PLAY can’t REFEREE. But that’s a discussion for another day.

The lesson is quite simple for today – sometimes there is ‘no reason’, no in-depth analysis required – it could have gone either way – there can’t be less of a gap in points than there were in these 3.

I am proud to have played each game full-on and accept that I didn’t lose and my opponent won.

I do know however that within the next year, the situation will be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT – I will be MILES AHEAD of where I am not and heading into ‘uncharted’ territory…

I know without a doubt I have the talent, skills and ability within me to completely re-think my game and my ranking and aim for the Top 10.

That’s what I take out of this competition – a top 20 ranking and the absolute conviction that the Top 10 is within reach – WITHIN ONE YEAR – not 3 or 4 as I had previously expected.

So yes, be disappointed for me because I wanted a medal, but trust me that this realisation is even more valuable to me than a medal.

This means I have something else to aim for way beyond my own previous expectations!

The only consolation is seeing a friend lose today – for the same reason – it could have gone either way – it went the other guy’s way.

That’s sport.

That’s life.

That’s the Mindset Of A Champion.

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