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If you’re into my 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine, you’re constantly looking for that elusive 1 percent improvement. Of course as an Exponential Marketing Enthusiast, you want to look where no one else is searching so you can get that secret ‘edge’ that is both effective and easy. I came across an article in Men’s Health Magazine that stated that 70 percent of Australians who admit doing a very low level of exercise. That is shocking to me – that’s the percentage who ADMITTED to it, which means the REAL percentage is even higher!

That’s why another article on the same page really hit home – it’s one of the ways you can get a 1 Percent Improvement with minimal ‘effort’ and have fun!

Life In The Fast Brain


What is it? Responsible for processing visual details, shapes and colours, the occipital lobe is found in the bottom of the back bulge of your grey matter – the part that takes a pounding when you slip on a banana skin and activate the “flashing stars” screensaver.

Boost it: Learn to juggle. Clowning around with coloured balls can increase reaction times by up to 10 per cent in just two months, according to University of Hamburg neuroscientists. And extra cash on the side from those kids’ parties to boot.

My 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine is all about IMPROVING something – not just DOING something. Juggling for example IMPROVES your reaction time – that’s the 1 percent improvement, important for athletes who need FASTER reaction times, this includes all reactionary sports – especially racquet sports such as squash, tennis and badminton.


What is it? Thank this blob of neurons for lifting your spirits when your Leonard Cohen collection is calling.

Boost it: Get running. Tests at Columbia University in New York found that just 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise three times a week boosted new brain cell growth by up to a fifth. “The natural depletion of cells here is responsible for increasing periods of depression as you age, and regular exercise is proven to counter this,” says Dr Rohan de Silva, from the Institute of Neurology in London.

Let me say that again – new brain cell growth… NEW…

With 70 percent of Australians NOT doing this… means you can start getting SMARTER almost ‘instantly’…

Yes, I know. If everyone thought this way…

But they don’t THINK this way – the stats PROVE IT.

That’s why ONCE you get onto the 1 percent Improvement Doctrine, success gets easier and easier!


What is it? Small, banana-shaped nuggets on either side of your brain, which are responsible for awareness and consolidation of memory.

Boost it: Researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University in the UK found that consuming the equivalent of 25 grams of sugar – found in a 200-millilitre glass of orange juice – can boost memory retention by a fifth. “Sugar boosts reaction times and memory function, even helping to ward off dementia,” says lead researcher Dr Leigh Riby. Just the false teeth to worry about in your twilight years then.


What is it? The crucial link between brain and brawn controls survival mechanisms and arousal (of the “out of” rather than “in” bed variety).

Boost it: “Stress causes the muscles in the upper back to constrict the nerve pathways and blood flow to the brain stem, resulting in shallow breathing and even blackouts,” explains de Silva. Get some relief by gently squeezing your trapezius muscles, from your neck to your shoulders in circular motions, between thumb and fingers for five minutes.

Oh… that feels good! AND it’s good for you!


What is it? The mighty cerebellum contains over 60 per cent of your brain’s neurons coordinating your muscles for posture and precise movements. It’s the only thing standing between you and that concert violinist fighting to get out.

Boost it: Re-wire your neural pathways with some brain gymnastics. Try “Lazy 8s”: extend one arm in front of you, thumb pointing up, and trace a figure of eight on its side, focusing ahead. Do it for five minutes twice a day. “It connects the cerebellum to different parts of your brain for better neuro-muscular control and spatial awareness,” says de Silva.

If you want to really boost your brain power, check our Brain Gym… Another little secret that helps you learn more, more quickly and effortlessly!


What is it? The pea-sized gland that controls your sleep and hunger hormones. It also produces the “love rat” hormone vasopressin, linked by Swedish researchers to certain men’s inability to remain faithful.

Boost it: Load up on manganese, the mineral found in egg yolks and fish. “Without manganese your pituitary gland is unable to eliminate overloads of hormones, leading to reduced sleep and increased appetite,” explains Kit Ashley, executive director at the UK-based Pituitary Foundation.

This blog is all about giving you the Mindset Of A Champion… A champion knows that excellence is all about incremental improvements that are easy to learn and then SUSTAIN. Once the ‘box has been ticked’, he/she moves on to the next item on the list to be improved. As a step-by-step process, it’s within everyone’s reach, but only a few have the discipline and commitment to actually follow through.

70 percent of the population ADMITS they don’t have the discipline.

70 percent have handed all the rewards to the other 30 percent.

Within that top 30 percent only a small percentage are really focused at ‘this level’ of accomplishment or success – which is why ONCE adopted, the Mindset Of A Champion becomes a way of life with no comparison in everyday reality.

But it all starts with 1 percent…

Today’s post has several 1 percent improvement suggestions – take the one that works for you and stay tuned for others coming soon…

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