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In a previous post I discussed the perspective of champions, what gives them the winning edge and ended with an example of Mike Tyson, promising to explain what’s happened after his championship years ended. The word is accountability. In sport, competitors are held accountable to the sports rules, regulations and rankings. The higher the level, […]


In a previous post, I discussed the concept of Competitive Performance Mentality. I got a lot of positive feedback from people saying that it was a simple and easy way to ‘extract’ themselves from the self-analysis process. Today’s topic is perspective. Champions have a different perspective than their non-champion colleagues. 3 Components Of A Champion […]

Competitive Performance Mentality

In previous posts, I introduced the concepts or orientation, attributions and other psychological variables to help you think, perform like a champion. The next step is to assess your mentality. Your Competitive Performance Mentality to be precise. It’s a concept I picked up in a great book called The Sport Psych Handbook.

Mastery By Metrics

In business, I call it Management By Metrics, but in sport I guess I should call it Mastery By Metrics. The question is “How do you know how well you’re playing?” Today’s post is one of the ways I do it as an elite squash player. These photos are self-evident, but the question for you […]

Water Tips For Serious Athletes

We’ve all heard it before “drink more water”. What you may not know, is that by the time you’re thirsty, your performance has already been negatively affected. That means if you’re serious about your performance, you have to include drinking more water. I’ll discuss other types of drinks in future posts, but for now, let […]

The Mindset Of A Champion – Get It From A Champion!

A friend sent me a link to a 2-day Squash Bootcamp with Former World #1 and current World #8 David Palmer in Sydney next week, January 6 and 7 2010. Of course I jumped at this rare, one-time opportunity. The reason I’m blogging about it is because if you know anyone who’s an avid competitive […]

Match #1 2009 World Masters Games

I know you’re on pins and needles, so I’ll get right to it. I arrived VERY early for a friend’s match that was scheduled before mine… Seriously – the first match started with a lot of nervous energy that is symptomatic of the first and early morning matches. I won it 11-9 which is a […]

Match #3 2009 Australian Masters Squash Championships

Today’s result – a long, well fought 5-setter. I’ll save you the drama. The match was won fair and square by my competitor who was better than me on the day. I didn’t lose, he earned the victory and I learned priceless lessons. As I keep saying, we’re reasons or we’re results. This match and […]

Play By The Rules

I need your help – I am looking for the most up-to-date Squash rule book or video. If you come across a website that has them, please let me know. The only two sources I have found so far are noted below. I would like to find an e-book that explains all the rules graphically […]

Pilates Video

Last week, I explained how I increased my speed, agility and quickness with a 5-minute Pilates exercise… An exercise I promised to show you. Here it is. It’s self-explanatory – enjoy! This is compliments of Bruce Hildebrand – B.App.Sc.(HM) Bruce is co-director of Balance & Control Pilates Studio in Melbourne and Consultant Strength Coach to […]