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Exercise, ANY exercise is good…

I know this blog focuses primarily on elite athletic strategies and techniques, but the video below is a MUST WATCH to remind us all of the benefits of exercise. If you have a family member or friend who is not exercising at all, make sure you send them a link to this blog post… Thank […]

Redefining sports – Take 2!

I previously blogged about redefining sports with an endzone touchdown flip that has to be seen to be believed… Today’s blog post is similar, this time involving an ice hockey player who headed a pass like a soccer/football player. If the link doesn’t work, cut and paste this into your browser: What’s going on […]

Redefining Sports

Every once in a while an athlete does something out of the ordinary that begs the question… Will this change the sport? I always wondered why this tactic wasn’t used before to SCORE touchdowns when the celebration AFTERWARDS showed the ability to jump this high… Time will tell if this will become “business as usual” […]

Choking In Sport

Choking is one of those taboo words athletes shun at any cost. There are a lot of theories and suppositions about the source or cause of choking. I recently came across this video used by a US squash coach to explain to his team that choking is NOT in your genes – UNLESS you’re a […]

Squash or Tennis As Contact Sports?

Anyone who’s played squash realises that it can be a contact sport, but let’s hope it never degenerates to this level of protective gear requirements!

Would you like cancer with that?

I have to admit that I am not a nutrition expert even though I am an elite athlete. I always tell people to track and monitor what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly. I came across this cartoon last year when I was in North America for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. It was […]

Roger Federer – Impossible Serve

Don’t get me wrong – Roger Federer is the all-time best tennis player, but this just can’t be for real. It’s just not possible to do it twice in a row… or is it? Here’s a commercial – just for fun!

Phil’s Squash Odes

I found this lying around a squash club recently, I don’t know who the author is other than his first name is Phil. I thought it was worth sharing because (1) it’s pretty good prose and (2) I respect people who put themselves out there for other people’s fun and enjoyment. Thank you Phil! We […]

Bruce Lee – The Ultimate Champion

This blog is all about bringing you stuff you wouldn’t find on your own. This YouTube video of Bruce Lee is fantastic. It shows what you can do when you are creative and want to demonstrate someone’s absolute mastery. He was so good, it’s almost believable. Almost. Thank you to Michael Pye of the South […]

Antimimeticisomorphism: An Ice Hockey Example

This blog celebrates sports and its athletes’ achievements. This short video is one of those examples where the laws of physics seem to be twisted into a knot. Watch how this 9-year old scores this goal. You’ll be rewinding it over and over again in amazement. I once played with someone who had a similar […]