In a previous post I discussed the perspective of champions, what gives them the winning edge and ended with an example of Mike Tyson, promising to explain what’s happened after his championship years ended.

The word is accountability. In sport, competitors are held accountable to the sports rules, regulations and rankings. The higher the level, the more exacting and demanding the accountability becomes.

If you don’t hold yourself to that standard, guess what? You lose, you fall in the rankings, game over.



It’s brutal and harsh.

The saying you don’t win the sliver medal, you lose the gold says it all.

There is no room for second best in the world of sport.

It’ll prove it to you. Usain Bolt won the Men’s 100 and 200 meter sprints in the 2008 Olympics.

Can you name the Silver Medal Winner?

Can you name the Bronze Medal Winner?

Can you even name anyone in the final race?

Can you name anyone who even competed in those events at those Olympics?

Sport is a lot like sales – the numbers say EVERYTHING.

Accountability is the cornerstone of the Mindset Of A Champion – then it’s closely followed by orientation, attribution and perspective – all points I’ve discussed in this blog.

Accountability however is where it all starts.

I see it with my squash. Some people I play are not accountable to anything or anyone – they are social or casual players. They play for fun.

Then there are the pennant players who get together and play regularly – so they are accountable to the pennant schedule and their team mates.

Some of the best of the pennant players become competitive players and compete in tournaments. They are accountable to a higher standard of play and much better refereeing where ‘playing the man’ won’t get you any cheap lets.

Of the best competitive players are the elite athletes who play at the highest level and hold themselves accountable to the sport and in addition – nutrition and the mental aspect of the game (self control and awareness).

The penultimate are the champions who devote themselves to their craft, holding themselves accountable to themselves without compromise – cross training, learning, developing, pushing the envelope, getting training, coaching…

It’s all about accountability.

Without it, even the most ambitious person can fail – Mike Tyson is an example.

Within the rigours of competition – what had to be done was straight forward and exceptionally demanding. Outside the ‘ring’ – it’s a free-for-all.

No one cares.

I see it with business people all the time. They don’t hold themselves accountable – at all.

Because no one cares, you can slip and no one will notice.

In sport, the minute you slip, you either lose the game, the match or your ranking suffers – IMMEDIATELY.

In life and business, that’s not the case.

But if you maintain the Mindset Of A Champion, you can become a champion in sport, in business and in life.

It’s that simple.

Hold yourself accountable to a higher standard. Raise your bar and KEEP RAISING IT.

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  • You know, in the end, I don’t think many people even necessarily care if you win the gold! Of course right afterwards, there are plenty of camera and interviews and whatnot- but in the long run YOU are the only one who really cares what YOU have accomplished. That means YOU are the only person YOU have to be accountable to.

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