"Exponential Marketing Strategies have created more entrepreneurial millionaires than anything else on the planet. Now you can get DAILY LESSONS from one of them…"

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"Marc is notorious for his 1% distinction e-mails. 1% is his 'code word' for incremental geometric improvement. Each 1% compounds to help you grow your business exponentially."

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Exponential Marketing Strategies have created more entrepreneurial millionaires than anything else on the planet. Now you can get DAILY LESSONS from one of them...

If you've been an Exponential Marketing MasterMind Program VIP Member, you know what Marc's e-mails are like.

When you least expect it, he rattles your cage... shakes your tree to its very foundations with disarmingly simple tips and techniques you know you can put into practice in your business immediately.

An Exponential Marketing strategy 'purist', Marc has been deploying Exponential Marketing strategies in his and his clients' businesses for more than a decade. He possesses an uncanny ability to 'dumb down' the complex into easy, bite-sized digestible pieces...

These distinctions, delivered via email straight into your email inbox, distil the works of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra, Stephen Covey, Denis Waitley, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr Robert Cialdini and aggregates over 300 other personal corporate development books and programs.

They also tap into more than 30,000 academic articles in entrepreneurship, family business, organisational behaviour, technology adoption, decision making and stakeholder analysis – the topics Marc researched for his Ph.D. and Doctorate in Business Administration.

He's done the hard yards so you don't have to.

Three examples below illustrate the
kind of practical ideas you'll receive as a
Business Coaching System subscriber

Example #1:

Whenever you get an email that has a powerful idea, insight, tip, trick or technique, cut and paste it into a new email, add a few comments to it and send it to In no time, you'll accumulate 1% distinctions that can transform your business 'overnight'. These distinctions will be aggregated in one place and will make it easier for you to forward them to your staff, trusted advisors or clients. They will be forever indebted to you for the gift!

Example #2:

If you want to make $50,000 a year, then you should value EVERY single one of the 168 hours in the week at $50. If you want to make $150,000 then your 'value creation' rate is $150/hour. Using this simple criteria will force you not to waste your most precious resource – time.

Soon you'll come to realise that it's better to delegate a task to someone for $37.50/hr if you're making or aiming to make $150,000. It's a simple technique I used to quadruple my personal income in less than 5 years. Give it a go and let me know how it works out for you!

Example #3:

Use e-mail subject lines to practice writing KILLER headlines. The more you practice, the better you'll get. If you're like most business executives, you're sending 50+ e-mails per day. That's 50 chances to practice – PLUS it's a lot of FUN!

Here are just a few examples of subject lines I've used recently:

  • VIP Survey Results – I thought I would send the first 9 responses for your inspiration
  • The MasterMind emerges as if by magic… Imagine that!
  • Great call today! A 10-day challenge launched – but only for the most outrageous VIP Members who want to have fun!
  • Time to rock 'n roll. Do you have your dancing shoes on?
  • Quick 1-minute survey to get the ball rolling again – please fill in before 5PM tonight
  • An AWESOME effort yields 95% of the desired result - can we tip the scales this weekend?
  • Get to the front of a queue of 43,216 people – You better read this e-mail now, before someone steals your seat

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One creative and proactive member leveraged that opportunity to invite his clients to the events as a REWARD for purchasing from him - BOOSTING his sales at NO COST TO HIM... Now that is the exponential leveraging mindset in action!

When you least expect it, you'll be sent limited, time-sensitive offers. You'll want to be online when these are sent so you can act on them within the prescribed 'offer period'.

As the leading edge, most committed, proactive Exponential Marketing advocates, you deserve to have a sneak peek at what's coming before anyone else, which is why you'll be at the top of the list for pre-release of products and services.

In addition, you'll have the unique opportunity to participate in the building of products and services where you'll be able to contribute and give something back to the community, while creating a long-term legacy of goodwill.

Of course, you'll get snippets of wisdom and humour tossed in from time to time... Fun stuff if you're looking to lift your game a few notches!

Hi Marc,

Thank you for this very moving [Video]. I have had an evening where computer gremlins have set me back a few hours. I "thought" I was having a bad day. Now all seems insignificant.

I am unsure what made me read and watch this video at this time. Given that it was from you, I knew that it would be special, and have kept it for a couple of days for when I knew I would need some inspiration.

I have shed more than a tear. Thank you for this truly humbling story. Makes you wonder what the world could achieve if we all put our hearts into it.

With appreciation and admiration for what you do, not just with our businesses, but also our personal lives. Thank you.

Gavin Buckett
Business Mastery Platinum Member

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I haven't been through all 365 of the Dr’s Daily Distinctions. This has been like running a marathon. Requiring a double set of running shoes, arms and legs!

Why? Because I have a business that is running very well, (up 38% this year in turnover and multi-fold in profit) and many of your distinctions is a full time job to just implement and follow up, brainstorm, etc.

I have only been able to [sort of] implement a few percent of them this year - but profit is due to other circumstances as well.

What is VERY good though, and I am not a person so exam oriented as perhaps you and others are, and what is easily overseen, is the inspiration they give – You know perhaps from your own experience too, people tend to be sceptical. Not only clients, but also employees and family - the people you relate to every day that affect you - whether you like it or not - or are aware of it.

So many of your [distinctions] are not merely a piece of advice, but a proven way of doing things, a DAILY source of inspiration to think outside the square to make it a habit and reduce the scepticism you need for change and exponential thinking as you call it. That is, in my opinion, an underestimated force in your [distinctions].

Paul Martin Staff
Oslo, Norway.

All 365 of the Dr's Daily DistinctionsExponential Marketing Strategies have created more entrepreneurial millionaires than anything else on the planet. Now you can get DAILY LESSONS from one of them...

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Option 1: Subscribe to the "Business Coaching System" for a full 12 months for only $97.

Option 2: Subscribe to the "Advanced Business Coaching System" for a full 12 months for only $997