Brian Tracy has been my #1 sales mentor empowering and enabling me to become the best salesperson I could ever be. No one else even comes close to what Brian teaches.” – Dr Marc Dussault

Brian Tracy

Dr. Marc was trained by a number of sales gurus, including Brian Tracy, a best selling author, who has written forty-six self-help, sales, and marketing books (including Million Dollar Habits). Brian is also one of the world’s most renowned self-help authors, and a widely respected international speaker. Native to Canada, Brian worked as a laborer for several years before he started his career in sales. Struggling, he asked other salespersons what they did, and why it worked. Brian began to hone his sales skills, and within a year he was a top salesman. Within the next year, he was Vice president in charge of ninety-five people!

At the age of thirty, Brian attended the University of Alberta, where he earned his Master’s Degree in business. In 1981, Brian created The Phoenix Seminar, a sales success system. Three years later he released what has now become a classic – the self-help audio program called “The Psychology of Achievement”. He soon went on to become the Chief Operation Officer of a $265 million dollar company.

Brian TracyBrian perfected his professional skills in several different areas of business before he founded his own company. He is now chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International. Brian has been featured on CNN and the Today show, as well as The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur and Time Magazines. He currently lives in California, with affiliates throughout the US and thirty-one other countries. Brian is also a member of the board of trustees for the Heritage Foundation, an influential Washington, D.C. based public policy research institute.

Before founding Brian Tracy International, Brian had successful careers in the fields of marketing, real estate, importation, management consulting, and several other industries. This experience has given Brian a full understand of what does and doesn't work in the various phases of business growth and leadership. Brian used his experience in these fields to become one of the world’s top consultants to over 1,000 companies and several billion-dollar corporations including IBM, Deloitte and Touche and McDonnell Douglas.

Brian Tracy is an expert in direct salesmanship, the art of the pitch, and the importance of the close. Brian’s books have been translated into thirty-six languages, and are sold in fifty-two countries. Brian’s expert sales books include The Art of Closing a Sale, Be a Sales Superstar, and Speak to Win as well as The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success, Create Your Own Future, and Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life to help entrepreneurs make the sales moves that are essential in today’s ever-changing, multinational market.

Eat That Frog Traning KitBrian’s newest releases cover various subjects, Eat That Frog is a book and CD training kit that teaches people how to curb procrastination to survive and thrive in today’s economy. Eat That Frog! Training Kit. The phrase “Eat that frog” is a metaphor for tackling the hardest task of the day. The system shows people twenty-one ways to identify and tackle critical jobs.

Brian has spread his business acumen in over eighty countries on six continents. A prolific speaker, he knows four languages and he has addressed more than 4,000,000 business people in 4,000 talks that span over 42 countries worldwide. He speaks to about 250,000 people annually, in crowds of up to 20,000. Brian is known for his fast-paced and exciting speaking skills. He speaks about personal and professional development, as well as economics, leadership, business and personal goals, philosophy, creativity, psychology, and strategy.

Brian has created over 350 audio and video learning programs. In 2007 Brian Tracy created the motivational CD The Miracle of Self-discipline. This program highlighted the importance of gaining the ability to set and achieve goals as a personal and entrepreneurial skill. Proper goals are set by business ingenuity, but they are reached through self-discipline.

Brian Tracy is dedicated to business education, he founded the Brian Tracy University of Business and Entrepreneurship at Andrew Jackson University.. The Brian Tracy University (BTU) is an Internet based school of business, sales, and entrepreneurship, dedicated to increasing the income and productivity of its students. BTU is ideal for ambitious and committed salespeople and entrepreneurs. The students learn essential skills, such as management, leadership, discipline, and personal perform zance. Brian has also founded, invested in, and serves as the Chief Executive officer of iLearning Global, one of the world’s premier business learning portals.

iLearning Global

Brian’s systems create such high levels of achievement because of his focus on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. He can inform and inspire audiences to peak performance. He has spent his life learning and passing on the secrets of success. Brian is able to empower others by first learning how to empower himself. As Brian says, “Confidence on the outside begins by living with integrity on the inside.”

Dr Marc Dussault started his career in sales as a Technical System Support Specialist for a small software development company. Spending up to 20 hours/week, travelling 20,000+ kilometers per year in his car, Marc bought all the Brian Tracy audio programs he could. When cassette tapes were obsoleted and replaced by CDs, he re-purchased the programs to make sure he kept the discipline of repetition until mastery was achieved.

Marc’s sales accomplishments include becoming the #1 salesperson for the company he worked for in his first year in sales. With no other sales training except Brian’s ‘tapes’.

Representing 60% of the company’s sales within 2 years.

Developing the sales skill and confidence to set up his first business at age 25 with NO MONEY DOWN but $1 Million of equity capital behind him.

Pre-selling the first month of production to 200% capacity that required non-stop 24/7 production for the entire first month ensuring profitability from day one.

Growing his first service business 3 times faster and with twice the profitability of his competitors without a single salesperson on staff.

During the dot com boom, Marc expanded his sales skills, abilities and aptitudes to venture capital fund raising listing companies on the US NASDAQ and Australian ASX stock market exchanges raising millions for the companies he worked for. As CEO of those companies, he secured cornerstone accounts across Europe and Australasia – accounts that still remain clients of those companies and have maintained their world-leading standing – something Brian extols in his teachings – building a long-term legacy that will out-last you.

Recently, Marc leveraged Brian Tracy’s sales strategies to sell to top 50 ASX listed companies as well as ensuring 100% adherence to maintenance contracts for a global software vendor – an accomplishment never seen in that company’s 26-year history nor replicated in any of its 20 geographic regions.

Knowing about Brian Tracy’s strategies is one thing, applying them over and over and over again with this level of success is testimony to Marc’s ability to distill and then ‘exponentialise’ them in whatever situation, context or circumstance he is faced with.

That is why now, as the World’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist, the most committed, elite and ambitious entrepreneurs seek Marc out as their advisor. As their mentor, Marc enables, enhances and empowers his clients’ ability to make sense of the flood of information that specialists and gurus such as Brian Tracy so expertly teach within their own specific situation so that they can take the short cut to results without cutting corners which is often devastatingly costly.

This is what Marc calls triangulation to Unleash The Exponential Potential that is within everyone and every business – including yours.