You get what you focus on…

Earlier this year, I spent 2 full days with squash legend, former World #1 and current world #8 David Palmer… What I learned from him has added 1-2 points to my squash game ALREADY.

We ALL need coaches, advisors, mentors, but most people focus on LACK rather than opportunity and ABUNDANCE.

The ABUNDANCE they want.

The ABUNDANCE they can create.

The ABUNDANCE that is within reach.

The ABUNDANCE that is right there, but out of sight because the focus is on something else.

The ABUNDANCE that is literally UNLIMITED and BOUNDLESS.

The ABUNDANCE that turns work into play and a life into a lifestyle.

The ABUNDANCE that is ultimate freedom and independence.

The ABUNDANCE that is the foundation of peace and serenity.

The ABUNDANCE they will never have – UNLESS they shift their focus and mindset.

You get what you focus on… So choose your target carefully!

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