Want to get more done? Get your hair done!

This is one of the many emails I get that illustrates how the strategies I teach are so simple, yet so effective.

Hi Marc,

Just had to share with you.

The RPM/Gap Management session we did on Wed has got me so focused.  And those plastic files, so simple BUT what a difference – I’m just dying to cross everything off my lists!

Off I went to my hairdressers appointment files in hand.  In between hair colouring, setting, washing, trimming and blow-waving I literally crossed off 6 things from my list that have been waiting months and occupying mindspace. They were some outstanding appointments, claims and follow-ups.  Man – how free do I feel!?!?!

The only thing I didn’t do which would’ve been so cool was to get them to take a photo of me… Next time.


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  • Oh gosh, that would have been an awesome photo. Great illustration of what you have been teaching though! There is no reason to wait to be successful. Proper management of time and pushing yourself to do what must be done no matter how unsavory the task might be are so key to success.

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