Today’s blog post is courtesy of Personal Breakthrough Creator Yvonne McIntosh. It’s a 16 minute YouTube video that I promise you is worth watching on so many levels. When you have an Exponential Mindset, you understand your role and responsibility in this world is BIGGER than you.

This inspirational video will touch you as it did me – watch it to the end to get the FULL moral of the story.

I have a similar story that ‘validated’ what I did for many employees – about 7 years after-the-fact. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, just believe it’s worth it…

Because you’re GREAT, an AWESOME force for good in this world. Every person you touch is someone who is better off for knowing you. That includes your family, friends, clients and COMPLETE strangers on the street that you come in contact with via a smile, nod or other acknowledgment and validation.


You deserve it because you are fantastic!

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