The value of time…

I published a poll on Linked In that asked what an extra hour per day is worth and these are the results which although not scientific, do reflect my anecdotal experience…

The results say quite a bit about how much and how little people value their time.

Interestingly, the results are polarised – either people value their time or they don’t….

More telling is that the higher up the food chain they are, the more they value their time. What do you think would happen if you STARTED to value your time sooner in your career? Do you think that would accelerate your ascension to the top?

The insights continue with older people valuing their time more than younger respondents and WOMEN valuing their time much more than the MEN…!

These are NOT scientific results, just another way of triggering you to THINK about the VALUE of your time. It’s going to be one of the themes of my new Personal Mastery Program and one of the components of the Personal Prosperity Planning System™ that will bring this all together into a power-packed solution.

Stay tuned and keep pushing yourself…

Onward and upward!


To take part in this poll, click on the hyperlink to tell me what you think one extra hour per day is worth to you. More information on the Personal Prosperity Planning System™ will be available on my website – soon…

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