The Mindset Of A Champion Presentation: Part 2 of 2

Exclusive session for Geelong Re-Creation Health Club Members:

Geelong Re-Creation Health Club

“The Mindset Of A Champion”

Peak Performance Strategies

For the Elite and Mature Sport Athlete


This exclusive presentation follows Dr Dussault’s presentation held at Geelong’s Re-Creation Health Club on 31 January 2009:

In this follow-up presentation, you’ll discover:

  1. How To Uncover Your Success Clues: Practicing for the sake of it is not effective if you are a committed athlete. A handful of strategies will be revealed to enable you to ‘coach yourself’ and/or help others assist you in the quest to improve as quickly as possible.
  2. Leveraging What You Don’t Know You Know: Every competitive athlete knows what it feels like to be ‘in the zone’. This single technique will enable you to recognise what you do whilst in the zone so you can get back into it ‘on command’.
  3. Competition Preparation: Make sure you absolutely ‘peak’ at the right time, with the winner’s mindset as well as re-create your success combinations and triggers.
  4. Tips And Techniques To Recover More Quickly: As we get older, recovery becomes an increasingly important aspect of competition and training. Imagine being able to train twice as long with less soreness, tightness and fewer injuries…
  5. Secrets Strategies To Get The Edge: All elite athletes have secret strategies, tricks and tips that give them an edge. I will share some of mine with you as well as give you a template to keep acquiring them on an automated basis.

This is a 2-hour session to make sure we have time to get into the details that make all the difference and allow for questions and answers.


When you attend this $97 Session, you will receive:

  • The audio CD of the Mindset Of A Champion: An Introduction, recorded at Geelong’s Re-Creation Health Club on Saturday 31 January.
  • The full word-for-word transcript of the Mindset of A Champion Presentation so you can re and re-read it to make sure you start to
    apply the principles and strategies in your training and competition.
  • Your very own copy of Dr Marc Dussault’s Squash Lessons For Marketing: “58 minutes of giggling fun learning 29 easy-to-understand squash metaphor lessons
    that will SIMPLIFY complex, intricate and sophisticated strategies that you can deploy to make money in your business TODAY!”
  • Your own copy of Dr Marc Dussault’s book How to Create a Fun, Effective and Powerful MasterMind Group to Catapult You To Exponential Success” that will show you step-by-step how to get others to help you achieve better results in everything that you do.

Valued at more than $300, all these bonuses are yours PLUS:

  • The audio CD of the Mindset Of A Champion: Peak Performance Strategies For the Elite and Mature Sport Athlete, to be recorded when you attend.
  • The full word-for-word transcript of the Mindset of A Champion Presentation: Peak Performance Strategies For the Elite and Mature Sport Athlete so you can focus on the presentation and not worry about taking notes. In the first presentation, one person took 4 full pages of notes!
    1. The 4 Keys To Success: How to create any outcome you want and reproduce it over and over again, effortlessly.
    2. The 3 Ways To Get To A Destination: How ONE simple decision at the beginning of your training will affect whether or not you’ll ever win a tournament, competition or lose those extra kilos.
    3. Your Decision–Making Horizon: How it affects your training regimen, motivation and chances for success. You might be setting yourself up to fail and not even know it.
    4. How To Quickly Learn Any New Skill: Regardless of the sport or fitness regimen you’re involved in, there are skills to be learnt. Understanding HOW you learn will help you learn faster, reduce costly mistakes and most importantly avoid injuries.
    5. Leveraging a MasterMind Group: All elite athletes have a group of advisors, coaches and mentors, but the trick is to decipher and organise conflicting information that is supposed to help, not confuse you.
    • Fitness buff who wants to learn a few cool things that will make your workouts more fun, engaging and motivating – getting into the mindset of a champion is exhilarating and all the time spent training can be put to optimal use with Concentration of Focus strategies that will be covered.
    • Casual Sport Athlete who wants to learn ‘shortcuts’ without cutting corners to improve your performance and most importantly avoid injury and soreness.
    • Elite Athlete who wants the ‘edge’ over your competitors. Dr Dussault can outplay competitors who have been playing for 30 years even though he only picked up squash in his late 30’s. That is an edge that every elite or competitive athlete wants to have – you’ll get that edge at this presentation.
    • Mature Athlete who wants to extend your sports career, reduce risk of injury and improve your recovery times. Dr Dussault’s strategies are disarmingly simple and effective for people of all ages and sports.
    • Motivational Personal Development ‘junkie’ always looking to attend a fun presentation where you’ll something new in a setting with other super–achievers who all want the same thing – learn how to win with the least amount of effort!

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