The London 2012 Olympics

2012 Olympics, London 2012, London OlympicsWe’re on the eve of the 2012 London Olympics when the very best athletes converge on London to put it all on the line.

For many, it’s the make-or-break moment of their (athletic) careers yet it’s been easier for them to train than the average person.


Let me explain.

Olympians have a 4-year timeline to work towards. It’s a FIXED DATE with FIXED RULES. That’s what makes it “easy”.

Everyday people don’t have that level of focus and accountability. They just live their lives, one day at a time not recognising that each day is either SPENT or INVESTED.

Olympic athletes know all too well that not only are the Olympics only once every 4 years, their biological clocks are ticking down every single day.

So what can YOU learn from Olympic athletes?

  • Lesson #1: Start to plan to achieve something in the future with a FIXED DATE.
  • Lesson #2: Don’t change the date or the rules of the achievement – that’s cheating.
  • Lesson #3: Treat each day as mission critical to “THE DAY” when you stand on the podium.
  • Lesson #4: Get yourself a coach and/or mentor who can get you “there” – wherever there is for you.
  • Lesson #5: Commit like an Olympian. Hold yourself to a higher standard. Don’t let yourself down.
  • Lesson #6: Follow through. You’ll have some good and bad days, just don’t lose faith in yourself.
  • Lesson #7: Learn the lessons along the way because unlike most Olympians who only get 1 shot, you can repeat this success EVERY 4 years, for the rest of your life!

Imagine holding yourself to an Olympic ideal from this day forward – WOW!


Does all this sound a little daunting?

It is. And it’s why there are so few “Olympic” level successes in the world – most people just don’t want “it” bad enough.

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