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A Space Elevator?

Now, 30 years after “2001” author Arthur C. Clarke wrote about an elevator that rises into outer space, serious research is happening all over the world in an effort to make the far-fetched-sounding idea a reality.

The benefits of a fully realized elevator would make carrying people and goods into space cheaper, easier and safer than with rocket launches, proponents say, opening up a host of possibilities.

“The question Artsutanov asked himself had the childlike brilliance of true genius. A merely clever man could never have thought of it — or would have dismissed it instantly as absurd. If the laws of celestial mechanics make it possible for an object to stay fixed in the sky, might it not be possible to lower a cable down to the surface, and so to establish an elevator system linking earth to space?” — Arthur C. Clarke, 1979, “The Fountains of Paradise”

Space Elevator

Space Elevator

It sounds like science fiction. And it was.

But what does this have to do with Personal Mastery and Exponential Mindset Thinking?

Great question!

Thinking antimimeticisomorphically takes time and practice. With tools like the Marc-Ka-Ching Kube, people can learn to “Twist The Kube”, but in absence of a Kube, how can you learn to as Apple’s 2008 advertising slogan said “Think Different”?

It starts by asking and trying to answer questions like this one – it’s stuff of science fiction, but it challenges the intellect AND your sense of adventure and creativity. Try it before you keep reading and try to come up with as many of the challenges and solutions as you can.

Go on, don’t cheat, play along – THEN continue reading.

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