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Antimimeticisomorphism – Nature’s Example 7/7

This is the last of this incredible series of antimimeticisomorphic phenomena in nature. A circumhorizontal fire rainbow arc occurs at a rare confluence of right time and right place for the sun and certain clouds. Crystals within the clouds refract light into the various visible waves of the spectrum but only if they are arrayed correctly relative to the ground below. Due to the rarity with which all of these events happen in conjunction with one another, there are relatively few remarkable photos of this phenomena.

Antimimeticisomorphism - Nature's Example

Antimimeticisomorphism - Nature

Antimimeticisomorphism – Nature’s Example 6/7

This is the second to last of the seven Natural Wonders of antimimeticisomorphism that occur without human intervention. True to their ominous appearance, mammatus clouds are often harbingers of a coming storm or other extreme weather system. Typically composed primarily of ice, they can extend for hundreds of miles in each direction and individual formations can remain visibly static for ten to fifteen minutes at a time. While they may appear foreboding they are merely the messengers – appearing around, before or even after severe weather.

Antimimeticisomorphism - Nature's Example

Antimimeticisomorphism - Nature

Looks like cellulite!

Antimimeticisomorphism – Nature’s Example 5/7

This is the third to last in this series of Mother Nature’s antimimeticisomorphic behaviour… I can’t say I’ve seen any of these in Canada – While many see these apparently perfect ice circles as worthy of conspiracy theorizing, scientists generally accept that they are formed by eddies in the water that spin a sizable piece of ice in a circular motion. As a result of this rotation, other pieces of ice and flotsam wear relatively evenly at the edges of the ice until it slowly forms into an essentially ideal circle. Ice circles have been seen with diameters of over 500 feet and can also at times be found in clusters and groups at different sizes as shown above.

Antimimeticisomorphism - Nature's Example

Antimimeticisomorphism - Nature

Antimimeticisomorphism – Nature’s Example 4/7

This is the fourth of seven occurences of antimimeticisomorphism that occur in nature. Just when you thought you’ve seen everything… Red tides are also known as algal blooms – sudden influxes of massive amounts of colored single-cell algae that can convert entire areas of an ocean or beach into a blood red color. While some of these can be relatively harmless, others can be harbingers of deadly toxins that cause the deaths of fish, birds and marine mammals. In some cases, even humans have been harmed by red tides though no human exposure are known to have been fatal. While they can be fatal, the constituent phytoplankton in ride tides are not harmful in small numbers.

Antimimeticisomorphism - Nature's Example #4

Antimimeticisomorphism - Nature

Antimimeticisomorphism – Nature’s Example 3/7

This is the third in a series of amazing natural phenomena… Blue holes are giant and sudden drops in underwater  elevation that get their name from the dark and foreboding blue tone  they exhibit when viewed from above in relationship to surrounding  waters. They can be hundreds of feet deep and while divers are able to  explore some of them they are largely devoid of oxygen that would  support sea life due to poor water circulation – leaving them eerily  empty. Some blue holes, however, contain ancient fossil remains that  have been discovered, preserved in their depths.

Antimimeticisomorphism - Nature's Example #3

Antimimeticisomorphism - Nature #3

Antimimeticisomorphism – Nature’s Example 2/7

This is the second edition of the antimimeticisomorphism series…

When a thick lava flow cools it contracts vertically  but cracks perpendicular to its directional flow with remarkable  geometric regularity – in most cases forming a regular grid of  remarkable hexagonal extrusions that almost appear to be made by man.  One of the most famous such examples is the Giant’s Causeway on the  coast of Ireland (shown above) though the largest and most widely  recognized would be Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. Basalt also forms  different but equally fascinating ways when eruptions are exposed to air  or water.

Antimimeticisomorphism - Nature's Example #2

Antimimeticisomorphism - Nature 2/7

Antimimeticisomorphism – Nature’s Example 1/7

This series will have you looking at nature in a completely different way. Over the next week, I will be sending you one example of Nature’s antimimeticisomorphic tendencies… I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did when I first saw it!

The  mysterious moving stones of the packed-mud desert of Death Valley have  been a center of scientific controversy for decades. Rocks weighing up  to hundreds of pounds have been known to move up to hundreds of yards at  a time. Some scientists have proposed that a combination of strong winds  and surface ice account for these movements. However, this theory does  not explain evidence of different rocks starting side by side and moving  at different rates and in disparate directions. Moreover, the physics  calculations do not fully support this theory as wind speeds of hundreds  of miles per hour would be needed to move some of the stones.

Antimimeticisomorphism - Nature's Example #1

Antimimeticisomorphism - Nature

AntiMimeticIsoMorphism: A Commercial Example

This men’s underwear commercial is antimimeticisomorphic… Another instalment of fun videos that get you to see the world from a different perspective and viewpoint. I promised you a lot more FUN in 2009 – am I delivering on that promise or what?

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a lot more FUN this year – and people around me keep telling me we’re in a recession… So what?!?! Life’s too short to be too serious.

Start having MORE fun and see what happens to your results and your relationships!

Nothing Is Impossible

Nothing is impossible unless you think it is. Watch this YouTube video to see what I mean. As you know, I teach the Exponential Mindset and for some people it’s a nebulous and vague concept. This 43-second video makes it real showing you that nothing is impossible unless you think it is.

The question of the day is:
How many bricks could you carry – in what you do?

Are you as exponential as this guy is? If not, why not? It costs him NOTHING to be TWICE as productive as the next guy – if he’s getting paid by the brick, he makes TWICE as much!


Exponential Mindset Venn Diagram

I recently read a book called Venn That Tune – It’s referenced in my Linked In Profile. It’s a unique lateral thinking concept that as a ‘hyper visual’ really hits home for me excuse the kinesthetic pun! That being said, (there I go again with an auditory reference…!) today’s post is an example of how you can describe complex ideas in very simple logic diagrams called Venn Diagrams. It’s very antimimeticisomorphic!

A picture is worth a thousand words as they say!

The Exponential Mindset Venn Diagram

The Exponential Mindset Venn Diagram