New Year’s Resolutions And Your Reticular Activation System

Many people try to do New Year’s Resolutions, but very few actually achieve them. Today’s posts explains part of the reason that happens or should I say doesn’t happen – you Reticular Activation System (RAS)…

First and foremost, you need to WRITE your new year’s resolutions down on paper. Then you need to expand on each one to make sure YOU are clear about each one means.

For example, one of mine is something like “Expand my cultural horizons’ which to me means travelling, reading and watching movies that are non-blockbuster style productions.

Last night, walking back from a lovely dinner with the view of the Sydney Opera House, Istopped at one of my favorite bookstores where I picked up about a dozen ‘mini books’ on philosophers, ‘thinkers’, writers… George Orwell, Henry David Thoreau, Thomas Hobbes, Michel De Montaigne, Soren Kierkegaard, Adam Smith, Voltaire, Lucretius, Leo Tolstoy, William Morris. Each book is +/-100 pages on one seminal work from that author. They are practical to travel with and easy to read in transit. Short enough to capture the essence without being too complicated or extensive to get bored if the subject is not my thing.

The point is that I would not have had the thought to buy them had I not written down my new year’s resolutions and my Reticular Activation System (RAS) would not have ‘zeroed in’ on these particular books, “TELLING ME” to buy them.
Further along on my trip back home, we dropped into the Apple store – absolutely beautiful – and I signed up for their 52 One On One tutorials for $129. Yep $3/hour for 1:1 tutoring… The goal is for them to teach you to use your Mac more so you buy MORE. Brilliant!

I will learn more advanced techniques to mix and edit my audio podcasts to inserting music and jingles, then how to edit movies and presentations and other cool stuff that will save me heaps of time…

Bottom line: Get your new year’s resolutions down on paper and define what each one means to you and watch, listen and feel what happens when your RAS kicks into gear.

That’s it for today – nice and easy and simple, as it should be!

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