MachoSexual Takes Over The MetroSexual

Today’s post is funny but at the same time relevant to the turbulent times we live in. When the going gets tough, the tough get going – LITERALLY. They get going and growing. The article below is a tongue-in-cheek perspective, but shows you that we are ALL affected and adapting to the environment in different ways it appeared in this week’s BRW Magazine:

Machosexual takes over the metrosexual

Machosexual takes over the metrosexual

What have you stopped doing in the last few months? What have you started doing?

  • Spend less?
  • Shop and bargain hunt more?
  • Hesitate to buy something?
  • Cut back on luxuries such as dinners out, dessert when dining out?
  • Are you buying more online?
  • Are you recycling more?
  • Are you walking or riding your bike more instead of driving everywhere?
  • Are you talking on your mobile LESS to cut costs?
  • Have you updated your CV recently?
  • Have you looked at job ads in the paper/online?
  • Have you used your gym membership because you’re paying for it anyways?
  • Have you cancelled a magazine subscription?
  • Do you read MORE at the news agent?
  • Are you pick up the tab and shouting your mates for drinks less than you used to?
  • Are you cooking more often at home?
  • Do you get anxious about what lies ahead more than you used to?
  • Are you sleeping as well as ‘before’?
  • Are you scared of losing your job or major account?
  • Are you buying shirts and ties instead of suits to update your wardrobe?
  • Are you buying new lipstick and perfume instead of going to the spa?
  • Are you repairing your car instead of shopping for a new one?

Post your comments here – I’d love to hear about it and I’m sure other readers would too!

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  • Hi Marc,
    we have stopped the Friday night takeaway and are cooking more at home instead (of course the meat comes from Carl’s Culinary Cuts, the HACCP Certified provider of quality meats and gourmet food products).

    Ar Carl’s, we have noticed more chepaer cuts being sold (mince, sausages etc.) than the prime steaks. Customers are still buying the great steaks, they are just having less meals with prime cuts.

    As my own business has exploded and the contract work I used do has ceased, I am now driving far less than my wife, so she takes my larger car for the kids and I use her smaller car. We are also making sure to buy petrol, even if the car is only half full on a Tuesday, as that is the cheapest day in the cycle.

    Eat well. Eat safe!

    Gavin Buckett

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