Juggling and Time Management

I was talking to someone recently who was overwhelmed with too many things on his plate and I told him something that I thought was worth repeating here…

Juggling 10 Balls and dropping 6 is not the same as juggling 4 balls

Juggling 10 Balls and dropping 6 is not the same as juggling 4 balls

Juggling 10 balls and dropping 6 is not like juggling 4 balls.

First of all it’s a lot harder and you don’t look very good dropping the 6 balls even though most people can’t even juggle 3 balls. That’s the point – PUT THE BALLS DOWN AND JUGGLE THE ONES you can handle THEN and ONLY THEN do you toss another ball in the air.

Successful people juggle a lot of balls and the less successful think it’s the way to go – doing MULTIPLE things at a time.

It’s not. It’s a recipe for disaster and makes you look foolish.

Stop it! Re-gain your compose, reduce your stress and improve your results.

That’s it for today – short and sweet.

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  • Having also had a few too many balls in the air and not being able to keep them all up I agree that it is better to get one thing done properly and then move on, for it is only one thing at a time I can work on, but when my time is chunked (and as I am getting better at it)(check out http://www.get-better-grades.com/) I am getting more done –

    I find it is about being efficient with my time to get the most out of my day – which involves planning – and everyone can benefit from better planning.


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