How are you doing on your 10-day challenge?

Today’s post is really 3 or 4 things all wrapped into one. I tripped across something that I just had to give you and it all fell into place from there… Funny how that happens eh?

You know all about my 1 percent improvement doctrine that I have ‘spoken’ about on this and my other blogs… Today’s post is about how it can happen automatically, magically and effortlessly.

By now, you know about Paul Telling’s amazing talent… If not, shame on you and search on this and my other blogs for his name to see what I’m talking about.

Anyway… I was putting the finishing touches on a 3×4 foot poster he created that summarises the 3 days of the Exponential Internet and Business Building Bootcamp AND the 32-page session-by-session MindMap booklet that some very lucky people will be receiving as my gift…

That’s when I came across a document Paul prepared that I don’t think I’ve shared with you. Click on the hyperlink to download it!

It’s the Anthony Robbins 10 Day Challenge MindMapped in full colour!

Isn’t is amazing how you trip over stuff like this when you’re not looking for it?

If you attended UPW, you know all about what this is about – if you don’t you can click on the hyperlink and  check out Tony’s new blog

But the reason I am sending you this now is because it will remind you, in a fun way, about what you should be doing, if you want to hold yourself to a new standard…

If you did do the 10 Day Challenge after UPW, it would be interesting to know what has stayed as a habit and what you’ve slipped on and WHY…

The last point is that there are COUNTLESS hidden assets on YOUR computer right now that you can leverage to YOUR advantage and to your clients’, friends’ and/or family members’ benefit and advantage…

But nothing happens unless you do your 1 percent improvement.

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