Conspiracy or Coincidence? Lincoln & Kennedy

I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but every once in a while a fun one crosses my desk and is worth sharing. This one was totally new to me. Enjoy!

Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy or Coincidence? Lincoln and Kennedy

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  • Nicholas Brunton-Yeung

    That one is fascinating.

    It gets one thinking that although all those factual associations are meaningless in themselves their clustering for such emotionally charged events (I am also including the 9/11 origami $20 here) suggests a reality not so much predicated on cause and effect, as per the workings of great mechanical timepiece, but rather more consistent with a cohesive network of associations, like the scattered light and colour of a cosmic kaleidescope.

    Hmm that’s one long, awkward and inscrutable sentence, but it at least fulfils my commitment to the workshop tomorrow!

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