A sad day that makes you stop and take notice

Here I am in front of my beautiful 27″ iMac and I am still in shock. I can’t believe Steve Jobs died. 56 years old. It’s not fair. The world still needs him. His family still needs him. He did so much good so many. It’s just not fair…

I have been blessed with very little tragedy in my life/family, which is one of the reasons deaths like this hit me so hard.

He believed in a vision for the world and created magic. Mac-gic that we fell in love with. Magic that is timeless and now his legacy.

Which brings me to today’s topic.


What will you leave behind when you leave this earth?

What will people say/think/feel about WHO you were and what you DID?

This is a day to reflect on it.

Tomorrow is the day to set your new path.

Steve would want you to explore your ultimate dreams and aspirations – he certainly did, all the way to the very end.

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  • You always write so well Marc and this is a particularly poignant piece on this very sad day.

    He achieved so much and inspired so many in his few short years and still so many of us use the excuse ‘that we haven’t got time”… time to spend with loved ones, time to take care of our health, time to find our passion and follow it… etc.

    Steve Jobs puts us to shame.

    Thank you Marc for awakening our thoughts regarding the legacy each one of us can leave. It certainly is a day to reflect upon it.

  • A sobering thought, and a loss to us all. Steve Jobs certainly had vision and a sense of purpose.

    I have always found this video of his Stanford University address Steve Jobs at Stanford to explain a great deal about why he was successful. I especially like the way he explains how caligraphy helped him understand the beauty of look and form and how this helped set his focus on the importance of product design.

    Some key insights for me:
    – 3:24 Steve discussed the way Caligraphy influenced him and why PCs have proportional spaced fonts
    – 5:30 Starting Apple and the first 10 years
    – 7:11 On freedom, constraints and startups
    – 10:04 On cancer and how we respond to death and endings
    – 12:50 On farewell messages and one that influenced him

    So long Steve. We are better for you having been here.

    Ray Keefe
    Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd
    Casey Business of the Year 2010
    Industrial Electronics Future Award 2011
    Award Winning Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development

  • It’s been several hours since I found out and I’m still so sad, for him, his family and what it means for the world. It’s over his genius is gone…

    I’m emotional about it because I’ve had Mac/Apple products since the mid 1980’s… I had a stint where I worked for a company that was PC based and one of things I HATED was not having a Mac…

    No one ever feels that way about their PC.

    That is the MAGIC of what Steve Jobs created – a visceral attachment to tools we need everyday… What a friggin’ genius!

  • Everything we learn comes back to us at some point.

    The genius of Steve Jobs was his ability to explain and articulate clearly without fanfare and bravado.

    I agree, the world changed today – forever.

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