A FREE gift you can give that is PRICELESS to receive

In my Business and Internet Mastery Platinum Programs I explain this in much more detail, but I read something recently that really surprised me, so much so I had to publish a post about it.

According to a recent survey of 1013 women in the UK, “Fewer than one in four men give their middle-aged partners frequent compliments.” Just 23 percent of men often tell their wives or girlfriends they look good in their clothes have lovely skin or hair…

Want a more passionate relationship? Give compliments – they are as FREE as they are PRICELESS to give.

This works for both men and women – I just thought it was really disappointing that more than three quarters of the women surveyed were under-appreciated…

Onward and upward!



Part of what we teach in our Platinum Program is the Law Of Attraction – the more you GIVE, the more you GET, but that doesn’t mean you GIVE to GET, quite the opposite. Give the compliment WITHOUT the expectation of reciprocation. Give it when it’s least expected and be genuine – see what happens!

Let me know by posting a comment on this blog – I’d love to hear about it!

2 Responses to “A FREE gift you can give that is PRICELESS to receive”

  • Hey Marc!

    You have definitely got better on the court and are getting better with those vortex shots and kills in the nicks – keep on going for them –

    See you on the court!


  • Now that’s funny – you totally and completely caught me off guard with this compliment, not that I don’t deserve nor because I don’t think you’re insincere, but just because I DID NOT EXPECT IT AT ALL.


    Thanks, it means a lot coming from someone who runs EVERY FRIGGIN’ BALL DOWN like every point is the championship-sudden-death, final point, tie-breaking ‘decider’…

    I just wish I still had your youthful energy, stamina and staying power – I need all the nicks and ‘vortex’ shots I can muster!

    See you on the court!

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