9-3, 10-8, 9-7

My first International Squash Match ends in… victory!

I played really well against a formidable opponent. I got off to a quick start in the first game with my serve that was quite effective today.

The second game was a lot closer than the 8-2 deficit I found myself in – He got points on his serve whereas I just kept getting and losing the serve = no points for me 🙁

From 8-2 down, I came back playing MY GAME WITH DISCIPLINE. I knew if I stuck to MY GAME, I could win. It took time, but I ended up winning 10-8.

The third game was a lot closer than the first 2 and I varied the pace to upset his rhythm – that worked to give me confidence even though he got an early lead. I knew that DISCIPLINE would win the day. At 7-7 I engaged my secret ritual and brought it home.

I have to admit I am proud of myself and have to give a shout out to my training partners – Nick, Michael, Ken and Simon as well as a special mention to Paul from Adelaide – he’s knows who he is… His tips made the difference today.

Tonight’s match is with a top 8 seed player and I am going to give it my best shot.

Lessons for today:

  • Stick to the knitting – DO WHAT WORKS when you need it most.
  • Preparation is something you can always fall back on. Without it, you’re lost.
  • Discipline and strategy wins the game when the opponents are of equal calibre.
  • You want to make sure you WIN every game or at least not LOSE it. You only LOSE it if you don’t play your best. If you play your best and the other player WINS, that’s part of sport – you just don’t want to LOSE what you could have WON.

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist and Squash Addict


As I teach in my book “Get The Best Business Results With The Least Amount Of Effor“, I took 3 pages of notes and distinctions about what I did, didn’t do, what worked and what didn’t work. There is no other time when those thoughts and ideas will clearer within my Reticular Activation System than RIGHT NOW.

Don’t forget to do this yourself when you have a big sales victory of your own…

It’s a priceless strategy to ensure your on-going progress and improvement.

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  • Congtratulations Marc, But then again, you already knew your outcome. Enjoy yourself, no doubt we will hear more about you game. Cheers Sandy B

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