823 Reasons to enjoy yourself this January

Every 823 years, there is a month with 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays and guess what? This January, 2011 is it!

This is the universe’s way of saying “TAKE THE TIME TO ENJOY YOURSELF, I’m giving you an extra weekend!”

Make the most (or least) of it!

2 Responses to “823 Reasons to enjoy yourself this January”

  • The 823 years claim is nonsense. Check your calendar …. the calendar for October of this year is identical to January. In fact, it will ALWAYS be the case for a non-leap year that the calendars for January and October are the same. Additionally, the 2011 yearly calendar is identical to the one for 2005, and you can use the same calendar again in 2022.

  • What a fun bit of trivia, and a very nice way to interpret that bit of trivia. I think everyone could use some breathing time to calm down, reallign goals and values, and just re-evaluate the direction of their lives. Happy 5 weekends!

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