Distorted Retrospective Perceptions

Last year, I competed in the 2009 World Masters Championships and I lost the Bronze Medal in my division by 6 points and the Silver Medal by One Game or I increased my ranking from a ‘Top 50′ to #18 in the world. Which one do you think I focus on?

That’s right – my ranking – NOT because I didn’t win a medal, but because I went in with the explicit outcome to INCREASE my ranking from a Top 50 to Top 32. Getting to within the Top 20 was HUGE accomplishment, but that’s not the point I want to make today.

The result doesn’t change over time just because I got so close to a medal. If I didn’t have the Mindset Of A Champion, I’d hate myself for losing, when in fact if you asked me BEFORE the competition, would I be happy with a top 20 ranking, I would have said “YES!”

But y’know what?

Easier said than done.

Distorted Retrospective Perceptions

Distorted Retrospective Perceptions

I can see it in people’s faces – the ones who understand this and the others who don’t. The expressions give them away.

Your lesson for today is simple, but not that easy. Set yourself an outcome or goal and WRITE IT DOWN. Go ahead and compete and then RETROSPECTIVELY evaluate the result. Be honest with yourself and you’ll see your orientation and attributions will come into play.

Master yourself and you’ll master your sport.


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  • My 19 year old son has just competed in the 2010 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships at Kurrawa on the Gold Coast! The entire carnival was decimated by the tragic loss of 19 year old Saxon Bird, after an accident in the rough surf conditions claimed his life.

    After deliberation by the committee it was decided to abandon all water events because of the conditions, but continue with the beach events.

    Tristan is a beach sprinter, taking up running 2 seasons ago, after “board bumps” on his knees from hours and hours of rescue board training forced his early retirement from this discipline.

    He progressed through the rounds this season, in the minors his individual talents, overshadowed by his beach sprint relay teams domination of all comers in both the under 19s and open age groups.

    Come the “Aussies” the relay was his focus.

    He entered the individual beach sprint as a “warm-up” for the relay with few expectations, but made the final in the shadow of his better performed club mate. In the final field of 8, he ran tied 7th, his club mate got Silver.

    When the dust had settled on the last night at the end of the shortened championships, their was elation and some disappointment about what was, and what might have been.

    Our team won 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze!

    For Tristan his “Distorted Retrospective Perception” was, I came 7th!
    His coach said, 2 seasons ago you could barely walk, and today you are ranked 7th in the country!

    Check out

    P.S. The relay team coming into the final change was 2 metres in front, with the individual Silver medallist to run the last leg.
    We dropped the baton!

    We are coming home today, alive and well, with thoughts of Saxon and his family!

    God willing, there is always next Season!

    David Conroy

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