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Roger Federer – Impossible Serve

Don’t get me wrong – Roger Federer is the all-time best tennis player, but this just can’t be for real. It’s just not possible to do it twice in a row… or is it?

Here’s a commercial – just for fun!


Need a kick in the butt to get inspired?

Today’s post is an inspirational half-time speech by Al Pacino in the movie Any Given Sunday. It needs no introduction. The YouTube video says it all – life and sport (football in this case) is a game of inches – whoever is willing to fight for those inches will win the game of life.

Enjoy this courtesy of Andrew Powell of Montreal, Canada who forwarded this to me.


Clear The Mechanism

This is a classic and says it all – “Clear The Mechanism” might not be catchy, but when you can do this, YOU are in TOTAL control, unstoppable, in the zone, the flow… At your ultimate very best. Learn to clear YOUR mechanism and watch what happens to your performance.

I recently competed at the 2009 World Masters Championships and ‘ALMOST’ had this mastered, but not quite – I know it’s one of my Next Best Steps to (excuse the pun) focus on. With bad refereeing (not biased, but just plain bad) this ability is paramount.

A friend who is a champion plays every point without distraction – like a ‘robot’ – totally in control. THAT is SELF MASTERY. That is the Mindset Of A Champion. This video is what I use to get into the ‘ZONE’.


Bruce Lee – The Ultimate Champion

This blog is all about bringing you stuff you wouldn’t find on your own. This YouTube video of Bruce Lee is fantastic. It shows what you can do when you are creative and want to demonstrate someone’s absolute mastery. He was so good, it’s almost believable. Almost.

Thank you to Michael Pye of the South Shore Diet for forwarding this to me. Thanks Michael!


Haka Motivation

I have to be honest that I can’t believe they still allow this kind of intimidation to happen before a match, but that’s just my personal opinion. That being said, I think this an awesome example of how to get INTO the Mindset Of A Champion. I mean c’mon… How can you not want to GET GOING after watching this? This is classic neuro-associative pre-framing. All champions do it – whether they do it blatantly like this (externally) or internally within their own mind.

One thing is for sure – you have to get pumped up for your games, training and competitions – I’ll address this in future blog posts. There are several anecdotes that you’ll really enjoy!


Antimimeticisomorphism: An Ice Hockey Example

This blog celebrates sports and its athletes’ achievements. This short video is one of those examples where the laws of physics seem to be twisted into a knot. Watch how this 9-year old scores this goal. You’ll be rewinding it over and over again in amazement. I once played with someone who had a similar trick – unfortunately it was way before YouTube was around.

If you have a secret weapon like this – develop and nurture it. The unleash it when you need it most!

Psst! If anyone can teach me a similar shot like that in squash, I’ll pay big money to learn it!

Thank you to Andrew Powell from Montreal Canada for forwarding this to me.